A Busy Week of Mail

Back when I first started reading blogs, I thought it was crazy how bloggers would connect up with other bloggers.  I thought it was crazy that people would just send packages to people that they don’t know….that has all changed for me.  I get it now after blogging for two years…seriously, it’s hard to believe that two years have gone by…

This week was filled with great packages!!
Karen from Badlands Quilts, sent me some great flannels and knit fabric that I use for making layettes for our church mission project.  I LOVE getting new fabric for layettes.   I am often sewing up recycled t-shirts and recycled bed sheets into what I need for the project.  It’s such a treat to sew with NEW fabric.  All the ladies at our church appreciate the generous gift Karen…THANKS!


Then I got a package from Ila, a.k.a. Quilty Queen. She sent me a box filled with bonus triangle pieces.  After she saw my post about the crumb blocks I was making she decided to gift me with more crumbs….I love it!!  I got busy sorting a squealing about them…my teenage daughter didn’t understand it at all.


Then a few days later ANOTHER package arrived from Ila.  This one was filled with more goodies… Batting scraps which I love (they’ll work perfect for the baby quilt I am working on) and lots of more fabric pieces and strips for crumbs or scrappy quilts…PERFECT….I can’t resist scrappy.  THANKS so much Ila.

Ila-2If you have time and want some great eye candy, check out some the awesome quilts Ila, the Quilty Queen, has made by following this link.  WOW…she is a quilter.  I had the little bonus triangles and scraps out trying to guess which quilts the pieces came from.  It was great fun!

I got one more box in the mail this week.  That one was from Moda…..yep, another Moda Bake Shop project is in the works…that’s a secret though.

I am glad that I blog.  It’s made my small world just a little bit bigger!

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