A Busy Wednesday

I had a very busy Wednesday.  I started out with an 8:30 am doctor appointment.  For the most part, I feel better daily but between the steroids and oral chemo I was on, both meds have messed with my blood sugar…and now I’m back to having uncontrolled diabetes.  The thought is that once the meds are completely out of my system my blood sugar will go back to the normal range.  In the meantime, they decided to add a medicine to regulate it while it’s acting up.

They are wondering if some of the lingering side effects might be more related to my blood sugar being out of whack so maybe, the meds will help with it all and I’ll finally get back to feeling like the old me.

The hope is that maybe I’ll only have to be on this medicine for a month or two.  Fingers crossed!!

From there I went on errands…several of them.

I went to get my meds…then I went to the town of Postville and picked up tamales for Karl.  You might remember that our family is in LOVE with Leslie’s Taco Truck that was in our area over the summer.  With Winter as cold as Winter is here in Iowa, there really is no way for them to operate.  BUT..they did decided to offer tamales.  It was preorder only and Karl ordered some.  I went and picked them up for him.

Then I taunted him with photos…I sent them to him while he was at work.  I was so mean…HA!

They were REALLY good and we’ll for sure get them again if they offer them.

I can taste spicy Mexican food…in a way.  I don’t taste the spiciness in the right way at all.  My nose gets runny and eyes get watery.  Something that is medium in spiciness tastes barely mild.

From there I went to the veterinarian and picked up a shot for Puppycat.  Being Kelli is a nurse, she gives the shots to her own dog and saves the money of an office call.

From there it was to Kelli’s house.

I finally got to hold these three…
These are Kelli’s kids, Eli, Emmett and Georgia.

I stayed for a short bit and helped.  Georgie got her quilt that I made her.  She got to sleep with it for the very first time.

But first she had to be the horsie.

Here I am up in her bedroom reading her a book before naptime.

They had been having trouble with her sleeping since she got her big girl bed.  She wakes and cries.  Someone ends up needing to go in with her.  I made a big production telling her if she wakes up to hug her quilt and that was a grandma hug hugging her back.

If you’re wondering the quilt is…

The quilt is in this book. You can find the book HERE on Amazon.

From there I had to stop and pick up a sweatshirt/T-shirt order for Kalissa.  It was right on my way home.

Did you see that Kalissa got a new shirt in her shop?  Here is Georgie modeling the kids sized one…

…and Kalissa with the adult sized one.

You can find them HERE in her Etsy Shop.  I picked up sweatshirts that were XL and 2XL so if you were looking for them, they are here.

When I got home, I found this…

The shower walls are up and braced.  It’s getting closer.

You might remember I told you I had to paint the bathroom after the wall got put up.  Well…I didn’t paint enough of the walls.  UGH.

When we were ordering it I had originally thought I would get the panels to the ceiling.  Then we priced it out and if was $400 cheaper to not go to the ceiling.  I decided that I was totally okay with it not going to the ceiling and paying the $400….but when it came time to paint, I completely forgot that we had decided that.  UGH…Now I need to go back and paint that.  It’s okay.

This is the shower caddy…

It will go in this hole.

So for the next 24 hours, we could only use the upstairs bathroom.

Karl brought me supper…chicken and ribs from the bar in town.  It’s my favorite out to eat meal.  I love it and Karl does too…but first he had to try a tamale.

It was a good day…a busy day filled with lots of nothing important…but all things of HIGH importance to me because it was all family and helping others.  It’s my calling in life!!  I love days when I can be the helper because that means, I don’t need the help.  It’s a wonderful feeling.



14 thoughts on “A Busy Wednesday”

  1. So happy you felt well enough to have such a busy day! Fingers crossed that the new medicine will do the trick for your blood sugar and it will return to normal!

  2. Best kind of days for sure! And so very glad you can finally feel good enough to do them. Cutest picture ever of Georgie modeling the new T-shirt…that ought to sell like crazy!

  3. It sounds like a very good day indeed! So fun to see you with Kelli’s kiddos, they are little dolls. Hopefully they are all feeling better. You sure know where to get yummy foods! We don’t have any good places like that that I am aware of, and maybe that is a good thing.

  4. Mary Ann Mettler

    I think I would have had to make a list with all those side trips. I am not a list maker – so that would be something! Sounds like a lovely time of getting out – kind of cold out there though. Praying the meds will be short lived. Hope all your tastebuds return to normal soon too – your meals sound amazing :)

  5. Georgia and her quilt are beautiful! You must’ve loved giving it to her. Hope you have more days like Wednesday minus the doctor.

  6. FYI.blood sugar could be affected by steroids you are taking. My husband is type 1 diabetic on Insulin pump and 24 hr glucose monitor. He recently got cortisone shot for arthritis in his knee. Dr warned it would send blood glucose sky high and it did. Perhaps that is what is happening to you.
    Love your blog and grandkids are adorable.

  7. Georgie looks so happy with her beautiful grandma quilt. I hope it helps her sleep. Kelli’s kids are very cute! You had a very busy day. I hope all your medicine problems are over soon.

  8. I really love that quilt for Georgie so much that I ordered the book! I have many scraps with which to make it but no beautiful grandchildren to whom to give it but I can certainly find someone who would love it, I think. I just love when you post photos of your grandchildren. You and they are truly blessed.

    I am also so happy to hear you are feeling better and well enough to help out again. I know how good that makes you feel and how that contributes to your getting better faster.

  9. It was a good day for a good day. Hopefully you will feel better once the blood sugar gets under control and then with the other meds working their way out of your system, you can discontinue the meds to control the blood sugar. The kids are precious. I am wondering why Eli hasn’t been wearing his glasses. The last few posts with him, he hasn’t been wearing them. Love Georgia’s quilt. I have one in the works now. It’s actually fun to work on!

    1. Eli rips his glasses off. It’s an ongoing struggle. The bows are too long and if he lays on his back they are an issue as well. He has them on often though.

  10. I love that you are feeling better, and I hope that it continues. The picture of you and Kellis kids is so sweet, and I bet they enjoyed seeing you also. I think that tamale is telling Karl, eat me, lol So nice to hear that you felt well enough to be that person who is helping out again. Go Jo Go

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