A Bump in the Night…

So last week Kelli came home to help me get ready for Kalissa’s bridal shower that we hosted here on Saturday.

We had a long day and didn’t get to bed until after my bed time.  I was trying to sleep and not keep a running list of all I had to do scrolling through my head when finally sleep took me.  A couple hours later I was up and had to go to the bathroom.

As I was drifting back to sleep I heard a huge crash down stairs.  The first thing I did was reach over to Hubby’s side of the bed…yep, he was there.  Oh my..now the dogs who were sleeping with Kelli in her room were frantically barking and barking.  I was spooked.

Was someone in the house?   Honestly, a person would think I would feel safer living in town but honestly, I felt safer living on the farm.  I tried to think what to do.  I asked Hubby if he heard it.  No response.  He was sleeping.  Okay, did I dream it.  NO!  The dogs heard it.

I sleep with my cell phone by the side of my bed so I messaged Kelli in the other room.  “Did you hear that?”  Hmm…I waited and waited.  No response.  Was she downstairs?  I’ll wait just a bit more then I’ll check.  What if it is a burglar.  UGH!

Apparently I fell back to sleep…because that’s all I remembered until I came down in the morning and saw this….

It the night gravity was apparently really busy.  This is the closet that is in my office.  Hubby put shelves up in there.  I had reorganized them the day before and I am guessing that in the night they for some reason shifted and fell.

That made me feel better…no burglar.

Kelli woke about a half hour after me asking what the text message was about.  She slept through it all including the barking dogs in her room.

She’s a heavy sleeper and no bump in the night wakes her.  I sure am glad to know it was just something simple.

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  1. I’m glad it wasn’t anything major or dangerous. Something like that happening in the middle of the night rattles me. A couple of weeks ago, I was startled awake by a loud pop like a balloon bursting. I wasn’t sure if it was real or if I had dreamed it. I went through the house and didn’t find anything amiss, but it took quite a while to get back to sleep.

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