A “Blue” What I’m Working on Report….

I had a busy weekend with family but got back later last night from a full fun day of family.  Today I am back to “normal” life…at least as normal as it gets around here.

Friday my daughter Kayla came home and picked up blueberries from the Amish for me….4 cases worth.


I have two cases left to work through.  We ate them like crazy…I froze some….I made blueberry pie.  Today I am making a dessert and hopefully some blueberry jam.  YUM.  They are the best blueberries!

Last week I got LOTS of quilting things done…unfortunately, not much I could show you, at least not yet.  I finished up a quilt for my next Moda Bake Shop project which will be out on August 24th.  I wrote a quilting article for AccuQuilt which will be out in an upcoming newsletter.  I have also been doing several designing projects for an upcoming surprise.  It’s been a wonderful kind of busy….

In between, when I can sneak moments or carve out minutes, or sew for my 15 minutes before bedtime, I have SLOWLY been making a little more progress on Jamestown Landing….Those few minutes really add up!


I am leading and ending the border pieces so hopefully the borders will be done by the time I get the quilt top together….I just love the blues.  I love them a LOT!  All of my blues are cleaned out of the string, 1 1/4″, 1 1/2″ and 2″ buckets so I am going to have to cut some more fat quarters down.  In the meantime, I still have a few more broken dishes to sew.  Each day that goes by, I love this quilt more and more….

If you want to read more and see more of what others are working on, head on over to Patchwork Times.

7 thoughts on “A “Blue” What I’m Working on Report….”

  1. Running low on blues…oh, no, that would give me nightmares! Your block on the top looks so nice. I haven’t been able to find that magazine, even online.

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  3. Nice berries, how do you fit it all in? I love the Jamestown landing, and you are right all those little snippets of minutes sewing add up to accomplishing so much!

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