A Blast from the Past

Over Labor Day weekend, hubby and I went to an antique and flea market in the part in Clear Lake, Iowa.  Apparently it’s something they have every year and we have every intention of going next year.  It was lots of fun and we really had a great time.  We came home with a few goodies including some outdoor furniture and the old wash tubs I’ve been using to collect corn in.  They had quite a few quilt there too…here’s just a little sampling.


It was really crowded there and I wasn’t on the hunt for quilts to purchase so I didn’t unfold the quilts.

I took a few pictures to remind myself to use solids in scrappy quilts….a yellow version….


and an orange version.   They both are different but I really, really like the use of solid colors.


Oops..don’t forget…a green version too.  These “hexies” seem a little longer that most…


I don’t know why, but I just don’t think to use a solid color as a setting or sashing.  Sometimes I think I am too worried about “matching” a room’s decor.  I think I should start ignoring that thought process…after all an artist doesn’t match his color pallet to the room the painting might potentially hang in.  But…I do like the quilts to match too….  (just some food for thought)

I almost bought these blocks.  I love them!


..But the thought of appliqueing them all down was a little daunting for me.   Look close and see how there are pieces bordering the inside fan blades.  They were in good shape and the colors were good too.  Oh so tempting.  I never know when I see something like this if $32 for the pack is a good deal or not.

Then in the next booth was my “blast from the past”….I about scared my hubby when I squealed as I saw this….


Drowsy!   This happened to be paper doll version.  I had the doll version.  Well actually I had two of the doll versions.  I wore one out and my parents bought me another one.  She was my first doll.  I don’t remember how or why but my Drowsy doll was name “Sloppy”.  I must have named her when I was really little because who names a doll “Sloppy”?!?!

She had a pull string and she said, “I want another drink of water,” or “I go sleep now, night, night,” or “Close your eyes, mommy.”  Anyone remember anything else she said?  It seems she said other things too.  My first doll’s voice box lost it’s voice so that’s when I got the second doll.

My mom was such an amazing seamstress.  She designed and made clothes to fit “Sloppy”.  There was no pattern for the doll clothes that was available for purchase.  She was so oddly shaped.  The things Mom made were fitted with a hole for the  voice box string to come through.  Honestly my mom was such an amazing seamstress.

Hubby said buy it….I said no.  It was a happy shot of memory but I don’t need something else to dust around.

Anyone else remember “Drowsy”?  Do you have fond memories of her like I do?

7 thoughts on “A Blast from the Past”

  1. Drowsy was my favorite. Mine didn’t have a name. I think I just called her Drowsy (so original). I need to get her from my mom’s basement and post a picture of her holding some of my crumb blocks on my flckr posts. I remember mine said, “Waaaaahaaaaaa” My Drowsy’s voice box still works, but she talks really really really fast. The last time my sister and I found her (I’m in my mid 40’s and my sister is in her mid 50’s) my sister could still interpret all of the fast things Drowsy said… so funny!

  2. Love the quilts. Thanks for showing. I don’t think to use solids and I love the look. thanks again for broadening my quilting possibilities.

  3. I see the liddle kiddles paperdolls right beside Drowsy in your photo. I had both the dolls and the paperdolls when I was little. My sister and I spent hours playing with those and they were nice and small to take along to keep us quiet during church services too.

  4. OMG!! My sister had a baby Drowsy but our youngest brother always dragged her around! Don’t know why, he just liked her I guess. A few years back Target had “retro” toys. I found a baby Drowsy and bought her figuring if my brother got married I’d give her to his little girl someday. He didn’t marry until he was 40 and his wife has an older son, so no luck there! I guess I’ll keep her until I have grandkids someday. I also remember her saying, “I’m sleepy!” Thanks for the blast from the past!!

  5. “Sloppy” isn’t such a bad name — when Alex was little, I was so thrilled to find her a knockoff American Girl doll. Which she promptly named “Knee. Like the part of your leg, Mom!”

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