A Blast from the Past: Quilts from November 2010

I’m doing a little series of posts that feature old blog posts.  I have been going back and looking at them.  It’s been fun.  I started blogging in June of 2009…WOW.  Over Ten Years.  I’m so glad I’ve kept the blog as a diary of sorts…today I’m telling you about my quilting from November of 2010.

From going back and reading, it doesn’t look like I completed a lot, but I was sewing…

I made up this little quilt top using Miss Rosie’s Paganini Schnibble pattern.  You can read about that HERE.


My Bubbly quilt returned from the Houston Quilt Market where it was displayed in the Accuquilt booth.  You can find a tutorial to make this quilt HERE.  It was SUCH a fun quilt to make!


Judy at Patchwork Times was hosting a quilt mystery.  I was working on it.  The mystery is still available.  You can find it HERE.


In November of 2010, the mailman…delivered a package from Amazon…a new quilt book, Nickel Quilts and Borders by Pat Speth.  Oh, my word.  I forgot I had that book.  I need to pull it out again.  I’ve been needing a little border help on a few of my quilts and maybe something here will spark an idea.


The book has awesome border ideas.

Yep, I’m pulling that out at bedtime tonight.  If you’re looking for the book it’s still available HERE.  You might have to get a used copy as it doesn’t look like the book is still being printed.  It’s an awesome reference book.

I was whining.  I wasn’t into paper piecing but really wanted to make this Bonnie Hunter quilt, Crab Apples.

See the trees.  The trunk is paper pieced.  I was whining over that.  HA!!

I’ve gone on and made this quilt Pineapple Crazy also by Bonnie Hunter.  The pattern is in this book (Amazon link for the book HERE).  This is all paper pieced.  I guess a girl has to start somewhere right??

Link to the whole story and more pictures of the quilt HERE.

Before I get too sidetracked, I have to finish telling you about the Crab Apple quilt.  I ended up with the sewing needle going through my fingernail while I was working on this quilt.  OUCH!  I was whining again.

You can find the pattern for the Crab Apple quilt HERE.  I needed to add borders at this stage.


Kelli was home and she had made this quilt…

It’s a John Deere print that she fussy cut and put in the center block.  The pattern is Terry Atkinson’s Slide Show pattern.  I sure have gotten my money’s worth with that pattern.  I made a quilt for the local firemen for a raffle and made a quilt for my nephew with that pattern.  It’s truly quick and easy…..great for a beginner.

I had just started Bonnie Hunter’s mystery and it was Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll.

I still think that might have been my favorite mystery of all.  I sneaked ahead and found a finished picture of the quilt.   (read the original post here)
I wasn’t a string girl at all at the time.  I remember dreading when I heard the words string.  I almost gave up on the mystery right then.  I can’t tell you how happy I am that I moved on beyond that.  This quilt honestly opened a whole new world for me.


This pattern is still available and can be found in the String Fling book with the Pineapple Crazy pattern too.  A link for the book is HERE.

I was working on this quilt.


It’s Kaleidoscope from Heather Mulder Peterson’s book Living Large.   It’s made with Moda’s Oz by MoMo.

Also on the sewing front, I made a bunch of Ditty Bags for the high school play director.  At the time I didn’t know what they were.

They are used backstage by costume designers for a play.  The shoes are held in the bag as shown and the costume goes over the shoes.  I ended up writing a tutorial on how to make them.  You can find that tutorial HERE.

I can’t believe that I didn’t finish any quilts then.  Typically I finish at least one quilt a month.  Maybe I’ll have lots of finishes in December of 2010.  I’ll give you a report on that in a month or so.

I’m off.  I’m going to go get that border book.  I’m so hoping something grabs my attention.

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