A Birthday For Jasper and Some Thrifting

My little grandson Jasper had a birthday last week.  Being we have so many people in the family, nurses who work weekends, and there is a bit of distance between us all, we don’t do big things for birthdays.  They usually include a video call and a poor rendition of Happy Birthday by the group message callers and that’s about it.

I decided to make the day for Jasper a little more special by going down and visiting my daughter Kayla, his mom, and Jasper.   Our day included going out to eat…

…and some thrifting.  Jasper doesn’t mind thrifting.  In fact, he does a good job as a shopper.   There were no incidences of crawling under bathroom doors to save him as we had with his cousin Georgia a few weeks ago.  You can read that story HERE if you missed it.

I thought I would show you some of the thrifty goodies I found when I was out and about.

I got some packs of used markers.  Gannon, my grandson is WAY into markers and drawing.  He is often found with a pencil in his hand either writing his name or coloring.  The problem, he’s not the best at putting caps on the markers so we get some dry out.  One pack was 50 cents and the other was 25 cents.  I was happy with that deal.

The deal I was most excited about was this…fabric!!  The pieces weren’t big but most are kid friendly.  Most have at least 1/2 yard…some a yard.  All of them were 50 cents or so.  There were a couple of packs on the left that had smaller pieces but there were all bundled together.  I am not keeping these.  I am passing them to the Cresco Ladies.  They enjoy working with kid prints and they make the best quilts with them…even these smaller cuts of fabric.

There is always a need for kid-friendly quilts.  There was everything there from Wonder Woman to Paw Patrol to Frozen to Dr. Suess.  I kept the scrap bags that were 75 cents each!! YAHOO!!  I also got two one gallon bags of blue jean scraps.  I’ve already put some of them to use.

On the way home I stopped at another thrift store.  All frames were 1/2 off.  All of the items in the photo below were only 25 cents.  I picked up the frames thinking I’ll likely do some kind of cross stitch and use these…we’ll see.  For such a cheap price it was hard for me to resist.

The little treasure boxes were tiny.  I’m thinking of stitching something really small and mounting it on the top.  We’ll see.

My favorite of the bunch was this one…I love the round frame.  I am going to take a screwdriver and see if I can pry the glass tile out of the middle and put a stitched piece in the middle.  I have a couple of cross-stitch patterns that require something round for finishing.

I really should stop buying things for finishing cross stitch items but when it’s half price of 25 cents, I can’t say no.

We had shopped at an Amish General Store.  I was able to pick up a birthday present for our daughter Kelli’s boys…and one for Georgie.  I like buying things there as they aren’t something the kids already have.

I wasn’t home yet when the phone rang for a group call and the singing to Jasper for his birthday.  I was still about 20 minutes from home.  Every time I go and visit I remind myself I need to do it more often…

…and I should.

I am so glad I took the day off and visited.  It was fun to see Jasper.  He is so much more outgoing when he’s at his own house.

It has been a bit since I’ve been to Kayla’s house and she’s busy setting up an improved crafting area.

It was a fun day going out to eat…fun shopping…but the best will always be time spent together.  Here’s to year #3 Jasper!!

11 thoughts on “A Birthday For Jasper and Some Thrifting”

  1. It’s a lovely photo of Jasper; I bet he loved seeing his Grandma on his special day.
    Ooh I like your thrifty finds; so much potential!

  2. It is hard to believe this little guy is already 3yo! Happy Birthday Jaspar. So glad you were able to get down there and celebrate with he and Kayla!

    Happy Wednesday Jo :-)

  3. Happy Birthday to Jasper! Such a cutie! Glad you got to spend his birthday with him.
    Did Kayla knit the pretty cardigan she is wearing in the restaurant picture?

    Teresa F.

  4. Patricia V Kendel

    Happy Birthday Jasper and congratulations to Kayla for being such a wonderful Mom. Praises to Jo, the grandmother who would drive for 2 hours to be with a beloved daughter and grandson on his birthday. What a special family, and a heartfelt inspiration to us all❣

  5. So happy you had such a fun outing. Jasper is so cute (like all your kiddos)! You found some neat frames, so will anxiously wait to see how you use them.

  6. Faithe Singleton Lett

    The round “frame” with the rose disc is from Home Interiors HOMCO (probably early 1980’s), it came with either pink or blue roses.

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