A Birthday for Aunt Agnes

On Saturday I made plans to see my Aunt Agnes for her 98th birthday.  It was really a three fold trip.  I wanted to see Aunt Agnes.  I wanted to do our annual get together and wanted to get my cousin Donna’s quilt to her.  You might remember that I quilted this quilt for her.  (If you missed it, here it is)  Anyway, it was time for the quilt to get back to her.

Annually my Aunt, my sister Judy, our cousins Charlott and Gladie and get together.  This time being I needed to get the quilt to Donna, Charlott’s daughter, and it was Agnes’ birthday we thought we’d combine all of it together.

Of course the day has a story.  It was wild and busy here.  Luke, the guy who put our trim up was coming, and I was trying to get some things out of the way so he could work more efficiently so Saturday morning I put the quilt that needed to go to Donna into the pickup.  My sister Judy was coming to my house and then we’d travel on to Rochester from here.  I figured I would drive as I know my way easily without needing any GPS.

Judy arrived.  She had her grand daughter with her.  I asked Judy if she wanted me to drive and she said sure and suggested I drive her vehicle.  Dawn was all excited about that because Judy has a movie player in her vehicle.  I said that was fine with me and off we went.  An hour and a half into the trip I realized I forgot the quilt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Luckily Donna wasn’t mad.  I sure was mad at myself though.

Pictured are Aunt Agnes in the front left, Judy’s grand-daughter Dawn, my cousin Gladie.  Back row left-me, my cousin Charlott, her daughters Vickie and Donna, then my sister Judy.

Donna sent home four more quilt tops with me along with backings.  Being she lives in Alaska and doesn’t get home often there isn’t a hurry to get them done but if takes me a couple trips to actually get them to her I better get them on the machine.  I don’t get that way as often as I previously did.

It was so good to see my Aunt, my Dad’s sister.  She is such a sweetie.  She’s 98…still lives on her own…still drives.  She walks completely unassisted.  She still makes quilt tops and works with her church lady friends to make quilts for Lutheran World Relief.  She is a treasure and generous sole.  I think the world of her!

I wish miles weren’t so far…I think I’d have a blast getting to know my cousin Donna better.  She loves quilting, dogs and maybe she’d get me out of my fabric rut and sewing with batiks more.  She makes some really nice quilts with them.  I can’t wait to show her quilts to you…they are all really nice.

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  1. There is a Donna from Soldatna who writes on one of the Yahoo quilting sites… is that your cousin??? If so, what an amazingly small world………. Kate

  2. Hi Jo – I was reading your blog and looking at this photo – and recognize your cousin Gladie from the town I used to live in!

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