A Binding Tip from Kelli

Yesterday Kelli took a vacation day from work and was home to work on the Perkiomen Daydreams quilt with me.  While I was busy finishing sewing the last few rows on the quilt, Kelli started getting binding strips ready.

She cut the 2.5″ strips, sewed them together and then pressed them.  Then she started to wrap them around her ruler.


She just turned her ruler as she wrapped.  (ignore the white fabric scrap)


In a few twists she had the binding all in a neat little bundle.


Isn’t that slick?  I don’t have the 4″ x 14″ Omnigrid Ruler that she has but I am thinking about purchasing it just for this very task.  I have the 6″ x 12″ one but I don’t think that one would make as neat little bundles.

So family members who are reading this and fretting about what you could get me for Christmas…..here’s a hint!!  I promise I won’t purchase one until after Christmas….

6 thoughts on “A Binding Tip from Kelli”

  1. I save paper towel/toilet paper/wrapping paper/ribbon tubes for my binding. I roll it on and leave it there until I’m ready to sew it on. Then I put the tube in my lap, sew the binding on my quilt and it unrolls neatly as I go along

  2. I do much the same thing, but I press my bias binding in half (lengthwise!) and then roll it around *my hand*. The result is a nice, tidy roll of ready-to-use binding.

    When I use it it, I simply set it on the throat plate of my sewing machine (so it’s sitting flat) and “unspin” it as I sew it onto the quilt edge.

  3. Another great tip was to take the roll of binding and put it around the support leg of your sew-steady extension table. It unwinds as you sew it to the quilt, no more chasing it as it rolls under the machine.

  4. I fold the binding strip in half and roll it around the tube from the toilet paper. When I am ready to sew it on, I put a string through the tube and hang it around my neck. It just comes off the tube perfectly. Of course, if you have to answer the door or anything like that, your’re stuck. You are attached to the quilt until your binding is on.

  5. Great tip. Worked great for me this morning. The roll then easily slipped on the free standing paper towel holder to store until I use it. I can store several sets of binding on the holder then I set the holder on the floor and feed the binding for the current quilt. The binding feeds easily from the holder. This is a much easier way to get it on the holder!

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