Whatever Wednesday: The BIG Shuffle

Remember I told you that we put the new refinished cabinet in place?  This one?

Well that started a whole mess as far as house organization goes….I had stuff stored in there…It wasn’t going to go in here.  If it wasn’t going to go in here where was it going to go?  Ugh.  It started a huge snowball rolling.

Then we bought a book shelf from Kalissa that matched the ones in our booth.  I think I told you that Kalissa decided to get her own booth at the antique store and she didn’t want the shelf for it but the shelf matches our shelves so we thought we better buy the shelf from her.  Well that left me with another book shelf….and that made some more creative wheels turning.

Add to that…two of my kiddos graduated out of cribs and are not sleeping on the floor in the living room at nap time.

I ended taking the old antique secretary that was Hubby’s moms and put it in the living room.

Previously this was in the office/crib room.  I like it here MUCH better and it should have been here all along.  It looks excellent on this wall.

Then I got the cribs out and redid the office/crib room.  Here’s how it looks now.

I did have one problem with it all.  I had the changing table still in this room.  I ended up putting that in the bathroom.

I LOVE this so much better than anything I’ve ever done.  It’s so much better looking and the kids like it.  The kids are dumping so many less toys…it’s great!  I always refer to it as “their toy room”.  I think that helps a bit.  They have more of a sense of pride with it and that’s great.  I even had them help me move things around and decide where to put things.  I’m hoping that helps them with realizing where things go.

Things look so much different here and I’m so happy.  The new look couldn’t be better for functionality or for looks.  One of the hardest things about doing childcare in our home is that I always feel like I am at work.  There are was a toy shelf here…one there…balls here…books here.  Now with the majority of it all in one room, it’s a little less all dominating.  I can’ be in my living sitting on my couch and not feel like I’m in a childcare.  That’s the best.  Like any job, I need to feel like I can get away from it.  I enjoy doing it but I don’t want it to be my life.

Anyway…that what is new here!!

I’m not sure what I’ll be up to next week. Stop back and find out.

7 thoughts on “Whatever Wednesday: The BIG Shuffle”

  1. Paulette Voit

    Love how the cabinet came out. Looks great in that space; I agree it needs something over it on the wall. Your husband does great work.

  2. Its amazing how one project turns into many and moving furniture is one of my favorites, gives our home a new feel but we are still surrounded by what we love. I like that you have a place for the kids to make there own and you can still feel like your home is yours. Looks great.

  3. I’m still waiting for a day when my husband doesn’t have a NASCAR race or Motorcross race or Football game to watch so we can put my Baby Lock Coronet together. I’ve been waiting since LAST September! I had a small room all cleaned out for it but now the room has 7 guitars right back in it thanks to my son. Who knows maybe by this September I will get it together.
    Jeri waiting patiently…….NOT

  4. Carolyn Sullivan

    I love both of your cabinets! My kids went to Montessori school and one of the things they had were small throw rugs to do their “Work” on. As I was doing home daycare at the time, w a couple of kids 2 of whom were doing Montessori. I transitioned all of my things to Montessori like activities…. mostly the RUGS. even the smaller kids learned to use one to build things, do a puzzle. Not all activities can be used that way, but it sure kept the mess down. Also the ONE toy at a time rule! Once they get that concept even the parents liked it at their homes.

  5. Not sure how heavy that bookcase is, but you might want to consider safety hooks to attach it to the wall so it can’t fall over on one of those precious little ones. Just a little peace of mind!

  6. Question to you or one of your followers…….has anyone found a use for those little scrappy bits left over from a quilt. Not pieces big enough to be in another block, just the ‘Lil bits.

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