Stop the presses.  A BIG day happened here at the Kramer house.  I couldn’t be more thrilled.  Yesterday was the last day of radiation!!

Left to right it’s Craig with Gannon, Kramer, Kayla, Me, Kelli with Georgia then Carver and Kalissa.  Kramer has a “Kramer Strong” shirt but he can’t wear it with his collar.

He signed the wall….

It says… “Roger Kramer Thanks a Million”.  

and then he got to ring the bell.

It was a so meaningful to all of us.  I am so impressed with our family and our friends who helped us get to this point.  Gas gift cards paved our way there and back.  Thank you so much to everyone who sent gift cards for gas, for McDonalds, for Subway and friends who cover our hotel bill for a some of the nights.  Seriously, we’d be in a much tougher spot if it wasn’t for all the gifts.  Thank you- thank you!!!

I’d love to say we’re done with trips to Lacrosse, but we aren’t.  We have an appointment for next Wednesday and one on the 24th for the PET scan.  I’m not going to complain though…This is MUCH better than every day radiation.

Seriously…Thanks everyone who helped us get to this point!!

27 thoughts on “A BIG Day”

  1. Marie Ann Mann

    So pleased for you all that this milestone has been reached. Now Jo, I know quilters do not sew, but it might be possible to put a zip in the back of Kramer’s Kramer Strong shirt, or split it and do buttons or velcro up the back.

  2. A milestone worth celebration! Praise the Lord for His faithfulness and for His continued strength!
    Your sweet family works together so well and so effectively. You are all inspiring! Continue to Drive Safe :-)

  3. So pleased you’re into the next chapter. We had six and a half weeks daily radiotherapy, but only 20 miles away. Continued thoughts and prayers for you all. Enjoy the good times and stay strong through th rest. Love Christine X

  4. Hearing that bell ring is awesome! Such a milestone!! About the t-shirt….when I was helping make adaptive clothing for injured vets we would cut open the side seams of shirts or pants and put in velcro. You could do that with a t-shirt, cut up the side seams including the sleeves and also across the top of the shirt on one side so that it wouldn’t have to go over the head.

  5. After all of this upheaval, look at those contented babies … that says something about “Kramer Strong”! Wishing you all a relaxing, beautiful summer enjoying each other.

  6. Glad to read & see the wonderful & great news! Keeping you in my prayers & hugs to the Kramer STRONG family!

  7. God bless your wonderful family..KRAMER STRONG!!!!
    I received my t-shirt today. Thank you for includng us in this journey.

  8. Hurrah Kramer! So happy for you all to get to this point. Enjoy your days at home. Praying that you will have more of those. Happy Family Day!

  9. Such great news! Congratulations to you all. Here’s hoping more good developments are around the corner for you.

  10. Still praying for all of you and Kramer looks good to have been through H and back in the last few months. The family is Kramer STRONG.

  11. Oh Happy Day! I’m so happy for your whole family – but especially Kramer.
    And what a wonderful Mother’s Day gift.
    Continued prayers for all of you.

  12. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Finishing the radiation is a huge hurdle…made more difficult because you choose to live in a small town. I’m with you…small town and I’ll deal with the driving!!! So many trips in such a short time…hard on you and Kramer. So very glad your girls both had maternity leave when you needed them, as well as for friends who stepped up as well. Hmmm…definitely see God’s hand in the timing of this!! Keeping you all in prayer!!

  13. Yay ring that bell. Congratulations on completing radiation. Friday was a good day for completing radiation. I finished mine also.
    Love, hugs and prayers coming your way.

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