A Barn Raising Setting

I have gotten a few comments from readers about my Moda Bake Shop quilt.


Many of the comments mentioned how I laid the quilt out in quadrants.

I have found that I love this method when working with quilts that are set in a barn raising design.  It is MUCH easier for me to work with a smaller portion of the quilt top making sure the blocks aren’t twisted and balancing the colors.

I am using that method as I am working on my Blue Ridge Beauty quilt too.


So far, I have three of the four quadrants complete…so hopefully it will be a quilt top soon. Right now I am stopping as I am out of blocks.  I think I have planned to make the quilt smaller when I originally was making it.  Now I’ve decided large would be my preference so I am back to making blocks.  It’s only 17 more so I am within striking distance of having this quilt closer to finished.  Making the extra blocks is just another story that this quilt has to  tell.

If you missed the giveaway sign up, you can find it here.   If you missed yesterday’s “Waste Not Wednesday” post, you can find that here.  It was a busy blog day here with two posts, I just wanted to make sure you caught them all.

4 thoughts on “A Barn Raising Setting”

  1. I am so glad that you posted about your Blue Ridge Beauty! I have my blocks completed but felt overwhelmed about laying it out. I also hadn’t done the final pressing of each block because I was sure no matter which way I went, I would have to go back and repress in the other direction. I am definitely going to try the quadrant method. This way I can lay out a smaller amount of blocks and then know which way to press once. Hopefully if each quadrant looks good, the final combination will be even better.
    Looks like I w;n’t be able to go to Bonnie’s workshop in March/April. :-( Too expensive to fly back home to Iowa for such a short period of time. I know you and Kelli will have a blast.

  2. I Love the Blue Ridge Beauty I have been looking for a good pattern to use with the Blueberry collection and I think that this is it.

  3. Your Blue Ridge Beauty is beautiful. Just check the upper left hand corner, something’s amiss and you’ll want to fix it before you get too deep in the process!

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