A Bag of Aprons

Our daughter Kayla came home on Wednesday before Thanksgiving.  She did what she calls “thrifted her way home”.  That means she stops at every thrift store between her house and mine.  She lives two hours away so that makes for lots of thrift stores.

She “hit pay dirt” at the Goodwill in Oelwein, Iowa.  She found an awesome Fossil purse, some name brand shoes for me that I had almost ordered but was waiting to see what happened with my foot, some sweaters and a bag of vintage aprons.  There were so many aprons in the bag…likely close to 15 and they were all in excellent, unused shape.

I was teasing her and told her to do an “apron turning” kind of like they do bed turnings for a quilt show.

Here’s just a sampling of her apron pack.  She loves all things fruit so this one was likely her favorite.


This one, (sorry picture not the best) was double layered on the bottom.  It seemed it was made to be an every day work apron.


The childcare kids were still at my house when Kayla was showing off here aprons so Kayla even gifted an apron to the oldest two girls….


Here’s another….

and another.

This one was very cool in construction.  It had a grommet along one side and was made to be a wrap around apron.


She loved the checkered one that zipped up.


This was just a tiny sampling of the aprons.  There were at least 5 in the bag that were “short” aprons.  They only came a few inches below the belly button line and had pockets all around the bottom.  We decided that we thought they were likely an apron to hold clothes pins.

It was so fun seeing so many cute aprons all in one bunch.  Total cost of the apron bag was $8.  All were in excellent shape.  Kayla uses aprons a lot.  As a Family Consumer Science (Home Ec) teacher, kids need aprons in the kitchen to keep their school clothes clean.

It was fun seeing the aprons and knowing that Kayla will happily but them all to use.

7 thoughts on “A Bag of Aprons”

  1. I’d love to see how the wrap around apron with the grommet at one side was put together! Aprons that hang from the shoulders are best for me, and that one looks very interesting. The two of you could have showed every single apron and made this a vintage apron post just for me! (Not that I buy vintage aprons, but I love to look at pictures of them! There just aren’t that many around any more.)

  2. The short apron you talked about could be used for gathering eggs. I have seen an apron online for that purpose, but do not have one myself. I do have a few hens and have thought about making one, but that never gets done. I would have liked to have seen one of them. I love aprons and do wear them when cooking a lot or when I have good clothes on.

  3. That was a fun post. I like what I call a cobbler’s apron when I cook or clean. Kayla sure is a pretty girl. Thanks for sharing.

  4. The one with all the pockets might be for gathering eggs, one of my friends makes them and they are really cute.

  5. How fun! loved seeing all those aprons and reminds me of the church lady aprons that I recall at my grandmother churchy events. How nice of her to gift two of them to the child care girls, and they will be well used in her classroom. Thanks for sharing

  6. Aprons are great for wearing when quilting. When I pin rows, I tend to get the pins caught in my t-shirts which results in holes. Aprons prevent that. I wear a short apron when long-arming. The pockets hold my small scissors, screwdriver, lint brush, small oil bottle, seam ripper and various tools I need at my machine.

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