Looking for a Treadle

Not to long ago I shared a post about a treadle sewing machine that was gifted to me.  This one… I really already had a couple treadle machines so I offered it on the blog to someone willing to come and get it.  I ended up getting LOTS of people looking for a treadle. So […]

A Treadle Sewing Machine

One day when I was looking for house ideas on line, I saw this… and this… The upstairs bathroom at the new house is just off the quilting room so why not use a treadle for a sink??  Bathroom vanity’s are VERY expensive so my thrifty self and my quilting self are telling me, go […]

Treadle-ing Along

Thursday my daughter Kayla and I took a little road trip.  There is an Amish settlement about a half an hour south of our house.  We planned to go to the dented grocery store but it was closed….but it wasn’t a wasted trip.  We went to the general store and shopped for kitchen supplies.  I […]

Quilts of 2014

I am going back in the archives and pulling all of the quilts I made in 2014.  I’m making a big of a parade with them.  Sit back and enjoy the parade of the quilts of 2014. I hadn’t put these all together on one page until 2021.  I have other years to catch up […]