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As you know, I watch a lot of Flosstube on YouTube. If you aren’t familiar with Flosstube, it’s a part of YouTube where people talk about their cross-stitching and what they are making. It’s really just a big show-and-tell session. If you liked show and tell in school, you’re likely to like Flosstube as well. I believe there is a Quiltytube as well. I haven’t checked that out yet.

If you want to check it out just go to YouTube and type in Flosstube…or QuiltyTube…whichever topic interests you.

Well lately on several Flosstube shows, I’ve heard several people talking about “Wool Wednesday”. They are working on wool projects on Wednesdays. I have to say, that sparked my interest a little bit. I’ve been thinking more about making projects in different mediums to display in my house. That’s got me thinking more about punch needle and wool…just to add some variety to my decor.

I was watching Sew Tattered and she showed this wool book. Pure and Simple by Maggie Bonanomi. I bought a used copy so it was less than $10…and I love it!

I had looked at the book via Amazon. Sadly, the review didn’t show pictures of the projects in the book. All I could see was the front cover. But something on the front cover really caught my eye and I reasoned, that one pattern would cost more than the whole book if I bought it individually so that’s how I ended up with the book.

When the book came I started paging through. YEP! I love the project…I was happy I got the book. Can you guess what caught my eye??

The little pillow with the basket. Isn’t it the cutest? I just love it. I love vintage buttons…I have plenty. I love basket blocks. YES. It was simple and I really wanted to make it!!

Now, what else was in the book? These were cute…

OH! I loved this little radish/turnip piece. It’s a scissors case. SO CUTE!! And check out the peas. HA!

I liked the idea of this little purse. I would love to make it be a red tulip…and not a necklace. I can see me displaying that in the spring.

I liked the tomato pincushions.

Even more cute projects. I really like the “Give Thanks” piece.

There were more projects in the book…I just showed a couple of my favorites.

I don’t have free time on Wednesdays to devote to “Wool Wednesdays” but I might be able to sneak in a project or two here and there. The first I want to do it the cute pillow with the basket and vintage buttons. The only problem, I have to pull out my tote of wool. I have yet to figure out a good way to organize wool. Does anyone have a suggestion?

My other problem, many of these wools in the projects are really muted. I don’t know if my wool is very muted. Hmm. Does that mean I need to make a trip to a place with wool?

For me, that would mean going to Merry’s Stitchin’ in Jessup or to Calico Hutch in Hayward, MN. Or better yet, the Woolen Needle or the Little Red Hen. OH…I need to stop right there. I need to pull the reins back and just go see what I have before I start making any plans. Oh, it’s too easy to just jump right in. Does anyone have any other fun wool projects they can suggest? I do like things a little bit on the prim or antique-looking side.

So the goal…no buying anything until I make at least one project with what I have. Let’s see how I do.

14 thoughts on “Book Review: Pure and Simple”

  1. Pull out the wool you already have and make a really strong cup of tea. Soak small pieces of the wool in the tea and then rinse it out and lay it on a paper towel to dry. You should get some of the muted colors she is showing in her projects and you won’t have to go out and buy more. I personally am on a quest to use up as much as I have in my stash of anything before I go out and buy more. Happy wool gathering

  2. So many cute projects. I haven’t made anything with wool, but these projects look like such fun. I think I will just wait and admire the ones you make.

  3. You love going to thrift stores. I buy old 100% wool suits, skirts, etc. I cut them apart and wash them in hot water and throw them in the dryer. You can even over dye them if you like.

  4. Stephani in N. TX

    Tea dying may be good for more than linen. You might want to look into it and save your money. Love wool projects and Maggie B. is quite the designer. Good luck in another stitching medium besides quilts and linen.

  5. If you decide on a trip to Little Red Hen, let me know and we can meet up and have lunch! It would be great to see you and catch up!

  6. Could you use flannel instead of wool for these projects? Tea dye for muted colors or use as is. Just thinking out loud…

  7. I am a rug hooker. I have totes & totes if hand died wool, enough to side your house I expect. Look for rm’rug hooking’ sites, not shops, etc, but ” ATHA”, chapter sites. Ask there if any members sel leftovers, small pieces etc. Tell them what your are doing. A lg number do ‘primative’ style hooking in your colour pallette. If you want more sources let me kno. I designed, drew on hooking linen, hooked a 7 ft x 9 ft rug, finished in 2021. Took me 12 years. The cat “reverse’ hooked 1 corner, still repairing it. OH WELL. So I quilt, knit, hook, cook VERY well, garden & read. Sound like someone you know?? Also deal with shattered hip on 2 September. Life on tract I guess.

  8. Sally A Marshall

    Debbie right just use your pieces of wool and tea it. I would buy more books of Maggie with my money. Hey by now you should have rec’d two boxes my me. Use want you want and past the rest. Sally

  9. I did wool stitched projects a few years ago and bought wool clothing at thrift stores to “buy” my wool. Much less expensive than buying new wool at fabric stores. Once washed and dried worked just fine. The only exception was I would buy my background ( solid black) new from a store, but if you search you might be able to find a nice background too!

  10. Hey Jo – you go to Osage pretty often, check out the facebook page for Ewe and Eye, they are located in Osage, it is a shop in a shed on her property in Osage. The main focus is rug hooking but they have a really nice supply of wool large and small pieces. She doesn’t really have ‘shop hours’ but when I have gone there while retreating at Debbie’s, I message her on facebook and she’s been accommodating to find a time to visit the shop. And I think reasonable prices too.

  11. It’s so funny you mentioned the Woolen Needle. Just today, I delivered my very first quilt to a longarmer – and it was from a kit I purchased there in May, 2022. I also purchased a couple of wool kits that I have yet to do. I should really consider “Wool Wednesday”.

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