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I have quilts to share with you…Barbara was a busy gal and finished all of these. I believe they all came from the Cresco Ladies but I’m not sure. Some in another post that I thought came from the Cresco Ladies actually came from Sandie. I am terrible and keeping up with it all. I think I saw the name and thought Sandra from the Cresco ladies. Also, I do best remembering a name with a face and with blog people, I rarely see a face.

Onto Barbara’s finishes…She writes:

Here are three more finishes:

The first is a beautiful Christmas Star quilt.  I found a cute backing that features cats singing in a choir and the quilting is done with tan thread using rulers to create diamonds in the sashing and borders.  This quilt is being donated to a church quilting group that gives Christmas baskets to local Seniors.

Next is a really pretty floral quilt that reminded me of fall with its oranges and golds. I used a hearts and loops pantograph with gold thread and a leafy fall print for the backing.

And last is this special quilt made with blocks that feature barn quilts. The outline quilting highlights each barn quilt, while the sashing and borders are quilted using a wavy ruler. These two quilts have been donated to a local nursing home for use by the residents there. 

Thanks to the Cresco ladies for making and donating these special quilt tops and thank you, Jo, for the opportunity to finish and donate these quilts in my community.  I look forward to quilting and giving more quilts soon!

Awesome work Barbara. I love the finished quilts. I am sure these will be loved by the recipients. I can totally see residents at the nursing home loving these!! I’m hoping a former farmer can get the barn quilt. I love it.

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  1. Hello Jo, sorry but the gremlins are back. Unable to read Ray’s quilts or the rhubarb cookies on here or email.

  2. I also have not been able to read your posts for the last two days :( Hope you are able to find a solution soon.

  3. Everything was fine on Sat, but today, the auction one is in HTML. I had not had a problem for a good while. I use Chrome on an Android pad to read your posts. I have wondered if the size of the ad that comes up could be part of the problem, because the very elaborate ones should be a larger file than the ones that are simple printing. Just a wild guess.

  4. I have the same problem with reading the previous posts. Also, I was able to read the auction post when you originally posted it but I can’t read it now. It’s all garbled.

  5. This morning I could read about Ray’s quilts and not the Auction page. Now it is reversed! I’m reading on Android using Chrome. This must be driving you and your daughters crazy!

  6. Love your blog. It is the only one I read!
    I have noticed that some postings aren’t readable the first day or the first time I click on it, but later or the next day it is all there. Hope that helps those that are wanting to read!

  7. I use Safari and am unable to read Ray’s post, and the rhubarb cookies post. And I’m still hoping to be able to read your Kitting Up post. I’m so eager to see what you’ve kitted up!

  8. Judith Fairchild

    Jo that barns quilt is a big winner. So much love and living in it. When I was traveling up to and in Iowa., I saw so many barns with quilts painted on them. Your picture brought back good memories!! Thanks to you and Barbara for making my day happier.

  9. Just for comparison, both those posts were fine for me yesterday and today. I read from your website on safari on an iPad.

  10. Not sure if this helps or not. I read both posts yesterday on my computer using Chrome. Went back in today and they are both still fine. I do not have an Ipad or anything other than my Iphone, but I like to see all the pics in a bigger size, thus using our computer. Hugs,

  11. Teresa from Port Coquitlam, BC

    Just to let you know I’ve had no problem with reading any of the posts over the last few days, I have used both my iPhone and iPad without problems. Sorry this seems to be a random thing. I do know that some of the time I can’t use my phone as it come through garbled, but my iPad always works.

  12. For the blog readers who get gobbledy gook when he/she opens post, I get that too sometimes but if I just ignore the post and return later or the next day, the post reads fine. Barbara’s finished quilts are beautiful! Thanks to those who donated them.

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