Community Quilts from Amalia

I have community quilts to share with you today. These are from Amalia. All of the tops were made by the Cresco Ladies.

She writes:
I have completed the nine quilts that were sent to me. I finished many of the quilts using Aurfil #12 thread and used a meandering sewing style on the quilts.  I find meandering more relaxing and easier when quilting.

I donated your beautiful, lovingly stitched quilts to the local Pregnancy Center here in Pasadena, Tx.  They minister to the young pregnant women that come in and need direction.  Each young woman that enters is prayed over and laying of hands by the Godly women of the Pregnancy Center.

The young women receive counseling on their lifelong decision in keeping the pregnancy to full term. They each have an ultrasound, which amazes the young women to see the baby’s head and tiny body inside them.

Then those young women that choose to carry their babies to full term are shown resources to help them in rearing their babies. The Pregnancy Center also provides classes for the young women and their spouse, boyfriends. Classes are Bible studies, parenting classes, how to play and stimulate newborn brain growth by talking, singing to baby.

Thank you for helping a young mother show love by swaddling her baby in these beautiful quilts. 

Many thanks to Amalia. She did a great job finishing the tops that the Cresco Ladies. As always, I am so amazed by all the work the Cresco Ladies do. It’s simply amazing!! May these quilts warm many new babies.

4 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Amalia”

  1. Such beautiful quilts and such a great charity to donate them to. May each mother and each babe be blessed by the love these quilts represent.

  2. Love the charity chosen by Amalia. I was once an unwed pregnant mother and a Texas crisis pregnancy center helped me. My daughter will be graduating from college this year. Thank God for people like Amalia and places like these.

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