Community Quilts from Robin

I have quilts from Robin to share with you today.  The tops she completed were made by the Cresco Ladies.

Robin writes:
Hi Jo, it’s Robin in California.   I have 3 more quilts that I finished.

First up is an I spy type of quilt.  It has cows, ladybugs, bumblebees, and more.  The backing was from my stash and is a small daisy print. I quilted it with a loopy design.

The next one is… a cute little quilt with an embordered airplane for the center block.  For the backing, I used the teddy bear fabric you sent to me.

Quilting is just a simple stipple.

The last one has multicolored squares and a pretty striped and floral border. I used some blue fabric from my stash for the backing.

I tried to do a swirl design, but my swirls turned out more like snails.  I will get better with practice, I hope.

All three quilts will be donated to a local children’s rehabilitation hospital.

WOW.  They all turned out great.  I’m sure they will be loved by all of the recipients.  I believe all of these tops were donated by the Cresco Ladies.  I just love to know the work of ladies from Cresco Iowa, that went to California to Robin and she completed the last of the work on these to help kiddos in California.

Many thanks to Robin and the Cresco Ladies and to whoever donated fabric for the backing.  If you want to consider donating backing fabric to Robin, this is her email address  Thanks so much for thinking about donating.

3 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Robin”

  1. I love the quilting network you have founded – to think that these quilts find their way all around the country to bless others is awesome!!! Thanks for sharing them with us!

  2. Margaret in North Texas

    Robin, your finishes for the tops provided by the Cresco ladies are wonderful. Thanks to each of you and I know the children will be delighted!

  3. Great finishes, Robin. Love seeing the quilts, knowing some children will be comforted in the future thanks to you, Jo, and the Cresco ladies.

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