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Last week I ended up getting quite a bit of sewing time in.  I went back to my schedule of trying to sew for a bit in the morning and sneaking in a little time however I could.  I am learning that even though I anticipate having chunks of time, I never really get them.

Then on Wednesday, I ended up with a sick day.  I had felt bad in the night and hadn’t kicked it by morning, so I took the day off from any childcare and people contact.  I took a nap in the afternoon…something I never do but still had a good chunk of time to sew.

Here is progress…Last week I left you here with the two quilts I am making for my granddaughters, Lucy and Lilly.

I ended up deciding that I didn’t like the panel pieces in the quilt.  Well, I like them but I wanted to make the quilts last longer so they could still use them when they are older, so I opted to take the panel sections out.

This is what I was left with.  I did it for both of the quilts.

I will eventually add nine-patch borders to the inner sections and save them for baby quilts that I’ll gift when a new baby comes our way.

From there, I was back to making nine patches.

I had 84 to make…and then they had to be sewn together and added to the center of the quilt.

I accidentally made too many and sewed too many together so ended up with this problem.

I took a row out and got it all sewn together so here is where I am at…

I have not one…but TWO completed tops.

Oh, I am so much happier with them.

It was a pain to take them apart and insert the new section in but in my world, totally worth it.

Next up these need backings made and I need to iron them.  All doable.

After that, I took some time to work on the True Blue blocks.  I am happy to say I got all 52 of them sewn.  Whoot!  Whoot!

My hope is that over the next week I can get them sewn together and attached to the quilt.

Besides that, I managed to get a lot of pinning done on my project with American Patchwork and Quilting.

This is a pin-pin-pin project.  I keep telling myself to keep working on it little by little and hopefully, those little bits will add up to a finished project.

I did work ahead and have one row finished and sewn together…only 9 more to go.

The project is due in-house by November 1st.  I should probably set other things aside and work on this but…I really want to get my granddaughter’s quilts finished so they have them when Buck’s house is finished and they start having overnights with him.

Family is always first with me…even if it means missing a deadline but so far, I’m doing okay.  I just need to keep plugging along and making some progress.

So that’s what I am up to.  What are you busy sewing?

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  1. Sorry you had a sick day. Looks as though you met it head-on and got some quick rest early enough that it did not get you down.
    Your having to fit in a new center for the girls quilts is what is needing some determination on my part. I have a vintage large applique of an umbrella that I am trying to work around . I am wanting it to be the centerpiece but trying to make sure it is not whopper-jawed. You just jump right in and get things done.
    I guess I have an overblown case of procrastination.
    The girls quilts are beautiful and they might love some pillows with the panels.

  2. Hi Jo, the girls’ quilts are beautiful but they need a little personalization for identification sake. Of course you could quilt their name on the quilt when you do the quilting. But I think the pieced letters you put on other grands quilts made them extra special. Maybe you could piece their names and incorporate them on the backs. You amaze me with all you do!

  3. My mother made my two girls identical quilts with identical backing. Don’t remember it ever being an issue.

    If I am recalling correctly, you said in your YouTube video that you would put different color backings on them. Smart of you to recreate them to be used as they grow up.

    If they last. The first quilt I made for my grandson was washed so many times it fell apart. My daughter was very apologetic and I told her no, I was thrilled it got used so much. Plus, I got to make him more!

  4. I noticed you aren’t using the Lori Holt seam guide in the pictures. I have stopped using it because I had to remove it too often to get to the bobbin and then it was hard to get it to stay put…I am working on a Fourth of July lap quilt for the front porch. I always mean to get one done before summer and this year I decided to really get out ahead of it. ;-) By the way, you have inspired me to fit sewing into smaller spaces of time.

    1. I stopped using mine, too, for the same reason. Now, I have a new machine that has a laser light and it’s great. I never thought such a feature would be something I’d use, but I do…all.the.time :)

    2. I still use the seam guide all of them time when I am making triangles of flying geese with the flip corner method. If I am only straight piecing, I don’t always use it.

      1. I have the lori Holt seam guide to, yes I have to remove it to change bobbin. I have opted to hold it in place with small pieces of painters tape rather than the sticky dots it sent. Easy to remove and put back in place.

    3. Julie,
      Just curious (or nosey, depending on point of view!). Is your Fourth of July lap quilt for display on the front porch, for actual use? If actual use, then I’m a tad envious! July around my part of the world is usually in the high nineties Fahrenheit, or higher.

      1. Actually, I plan for it to be for both decoration and utility. Our little Ohio village (also hot in July!) goes all out for July 4th, with a week’s worth of festivities, so it can be draped over the wicker sofa on the front porch. But we also have a fireworks display one night in the park and I thought, using a tarp as a base, I could bring is as a blanket for grandkids to sit on.

  5. Jo what determination you have. I like that you redid the quilts to make you happy have and already have an idea as to what you want to do with the peel pieces. Great job!

  6. Our granddaughter has a job & a young family. She’s participating in a craft show next month to sell the jewelry she makes so family is helping. Her Dad & Grandpa make charcuterie boards & other wood items. I’ll contribute wine gift bags and potholders. Normally she has a jewelry display in a local coffee shop so this is a new venture. Hope it turns out for her because it’s a lot of work to haul tables etc.

  7. I brought the Miss Rosie’s Spice of Life Quilts on your high praises. It was used by in excellent condition EXCEPT FOR ONE THING – The pages for True Blue were CUT out. What a disappointment and the book was not cheap. Hope I can return it.

  8. I’m making a quilt requested by my daughter-in-law. She wanted a white quilt with a little gray. I’m using Dappled from Cabin Fever by Natalia Bonner and Kathleen Whiting. The blocks were simple to assemble but I really struggled with the layout. This is the first diagonal quilt I have made. Fortunately for me, my husband crawled around on the floor to lay out the entire coverlet-size quilt and helped me pin the blocks together so I could sew the rows. Thank heaven for a wonderful quilt hubby and numbered pins!!

  9. I “attended” the River Rat virtual TOGA this weekend via zoom. In one of the classes we made a slightly modified 6 1/2” Dragon Fly block based on a free Moda Bake Shop pattern from 2021. I’m going to finish it as a mini quilt to hand in my longarm room. Had loads of fun talking & learning & seeing a big variety of vintage treadle & hand crank machines, plus sewing whilst in the virtual company of others. Now I need to get going on sewing some comfort quilts for the Lakota Friends Circle. Sewing with others this weekend plus the cooler, rainy weather that’s coming has really amped up my sewing mojo.

  10. I like the quilts better without the centers you had originally put in. The “new” quilts are lovely. You’re so fortunate to have family that likes and wants your quilts. I recently asked my niece if she would like quilts for her 3 small children. She told me the kids don’t like quilts. I doubt they even know what they are. I’m retired but don’t have any grandkids so I thought this would give me a project to do. Nope. She didn’t want them.

  11. Your quilts are beautiful. That was a good idea to make them less “little kid” so they can use them longer. I looked for the Miss Rosie book too on Amazon. It was, I think, $29. I waited and it went to $88. Out of my price range. Then I found it used on eBay for $11. It is in excellent condition and there are other quilts in the book that I’d like to make. It was like the tapioca I tried to find during Covid. Amazon wanted $14 for a small box. I found it at a bulk store for a couple $$ in a big bag. I could make pies again.

  12. I also ordered the” Spice of life book.”…on its way now……used….I am good with that…..only 12
    Bucks. Man I hope the pages are all their!!!!!!
    I have my fabrics picked out and ready and all
    To go when it comes.
    Please……please…..be a full book and not a
    Cut out one.
    SueAnn from Idaho

  13. Jo, I think you should consider making the removed centers into small quilts for the girls. They are still young enough to enjoy the unicorns. Sometimes it’s nice to have a small quilt for a quick nap or to cuddle on the couch for a movie. Not that you would need them done ASAP. I do like the redone quilts a lot better.

  14. I also like the quilts with the panels taken out, they look wonderful. I think one of my favourite kind of quilts are these “postage stamp “ type with just heaps of squares of different fabrics. I also love stars and houses too. Great idea to make nine patches first and then join them up, sorry, probably a bit dense of me to not realise that…. And you seem to achieve so much even when you are unwell!! That is both inspiring and a bit intimidating, in a good sort of way. Good on you.

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