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Kalissa is jumping in hoping to give me the day off after I spent much of one morning this week helping her package her stationery.

Kalissa writes:
“I wanted to give an Etsy shop update! The cross stitch pre-order went AWESOME! I’m so excited and am hoping to get all of these orders out in the next week or so! We are playing a bit of a guessing game with baby #3 coming any day now but rest assured, all orders will ship out before October!

After the “stitch more worry less” design was a huge success on the heather navy v-neck, Mom and I sat down and came up with a quilting version – sew more worry less because I KNOW you all love v-necks!

We are also working on a design for a different audience I haven’t made a shirt for yet, FABRIC COLLECTORS! Mom explained that these people are a whole different kind of audience that need some love 🙂 I’m trying to think of a catchy phrase, I’ve got the design/graphics down but I’d love some suggestions in the comments…fabric collector? Fabric addict? What do you identify as?  What saying would you like to go on a shirt for “fabric collectors”??

These new designs are hopefully still coming out this Fall, maybe late October but will ship out before Black Friday. With baby on the way, I’ll be putting more time into my Etsy shop on maternity leave, I even signed up for a local vendor fair/craft show. I used to attend vendor fairs when I sold antiques with my mom and dad in 2018 but I quickly found it was NOT for me. I decided with a little extra time on my hands on maternity leave, maybe I’d give it another go.

Stationary has been selling like CRAZY! Mom and I did a huge restock, I know I say that all the time but it kept selling out faster than I could keep it in stock after my feature in Quilters World (which I knew was coming)……and my feature in American Patchwork and Quilting (which was a total shock!) I have LOTS of sets of stationery ready to ship.

These make great Christmas gifts.  Order early to make sure you get some.

This is all very much a family undertaking.  From mom helping package stationery to the boys helping deliver packages to the post office.

I love that they all can be part of it.

I had one very loyal customer (Hey Traci!) purchase only notepads from the stationary set to give away to people who were coming to her quilting retreat in October! I’m always up to arrange something like that, just shoot me an email at and I’d be happy to arrange something special for your quilt guild or quilt retreat! Maybe even help customize one of my designs to create a shirt for your group? I’m all ears!

All this to say, I’d love some feedback. What are you guys looking for? More V-necks? Hoodies? Holiday-themed shirts? Long sleeves? Tell me about your dream shirt you’d love to see in my Etsy shop! What’s your favorite color to wear? What color is an absolute NO! Should I reprint a design I’ve already got in the shop? Tell me what you’re looking to buy for your quilter friend or family member for Christmas!

Mom thinks I need a pincushion collector shirt too.  Is that something you’d be interested in??

I’m all ears and excited to serve you all who have been so supportive of my business over the past 18 months!”

I really do need a saying to put on the fabric collector T-shirt.  Make sure to leave a comment about that!! 

43 thoughts on “Shirts and Stationery”

  1. How about “Fabric Fanatic” or “Cotton Collector” or “Cotton Curator”? Everything looks great. Yes, Prefer vnecks and in heathered colors. Maybe cotton quilt labels?

  2. For the fabric collectors “FABRIC AGING”, “GROWING STASH”.

    Check with Mary at Chicken Scratch for pin cushions as she has quite a collection of them.

    Good luck with everything and your new arrival.

  3. 1)”Got cloth!” 2) Picture of a opened closet door with stacks of fabric and the saying “Door number (#) 1”
    3) “Not a fabric warehouse, just my creative space”…..or, … “not a hoarder, Just a collector of fine fabrics”.

    You and your Mom are so creative, you’ll come up with something really cleaver! You already have good ideas to cover other needle arts.

  4. How about,
    Fabric Hauler—Will Go Anywhere, Any time
    With a picture of vintage station wagon (with wooden sides) stuffed with fabric.

    Favorite color is purple, of course. Also red, black, cadet blue, heather blue.
    Your stationary is very cute and an excellent value—maybe more designs and Christmas cards?

  5. Susanne Scheurwater

    S.A.B.L.E. (Stash Acquisition Beyond LIfe Expectancy!!
    I love that expression …it sounds so snooty but in fact it causes me angst. I don’t have fabric stash for cross stitch. I have pattern stash. I have yarn stash for knitting and fabric stash for sewing…but I sure understand SABLE!!

  6. I love the S.A.B.LE. suggestion. Please don’t forget us plus size ladies. I love the t-shirt I ordered from you it’s so soft and fits well, not the case with many others shirts.

    1. Oops, one other thought, something along the line that my hobby is collecting fabric. That and S.A.B.L.E. fit me. I would buy both.

  7. How about: Yes, I do need all this fabric! V-neck , magenta, navy long sleeves for winter . Or:
    If someone tells you that you have too much fabric, cut them loose. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life!
    Love the shirts!!

    1. Hi Brenda. If Kalissa doesn’t have a size you need, feel free to contact her. You might have to wait until she orders again but I am sure she’ll be helpful if she can.

  8. Please make more stationary! Bigger notepads and more quilting designs!
    The t-shirts are great and you do need large sizes like 3X in heather shades with short sleeves. Thanks!
    Great Cotton Collections Specialist!
    Outstanding in the Field (person standing in yard with baskets full of fabric)

  9. Strongly agree with Lynn, Please stay away from words associated with diseases/disorders: addicts, hoarders, adding suffixes to mean addiction.

  10. you’ve got my imagination going!

    Illustration of you with silly grin on the floor surrounded by stacks of fabric. caption(s):
    Nirvana Defined
    I WIN!

  11. cross stitch: A stitch in time sooths/quiets the mind

    Fabric: You show me yours, I’ll show you mine

    Illustration of the storefront of Playtime Fabrics with “Annual Sale” sign in the window. Shopper is running to reach the door with arm outstretched, credit card in hand. Caption: CHARGE!

    Okay, I’ll quit now. Lots of Fun

  12. If you could print more Bloom Where Your Planted t-shirts or other gardening themed shirts. Anything Christmas.
    Thanks Lynn

  13. I love your shirts, but my go-to shirts are always V-neck, 3/4 sleeves. I avoid short sleeves because of my loose, saggy, and floppy upper arm skin. I bought one of the short-sleeved ones for my sister, and she loved it…especially the soft fabric.
    I don’t have a phrase or saying but something along the lines of having two separate hobbies – collecting or buying fabric AND actually making something with it. I have yet to make my first quilt but I have a closetful of fabrics. They are just so pretty and hard to resist!

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