Community Quilts from Robin

Robin from California is a new quilt finisher and I have the privilege to share some of her quilt finishes with you today.

Robin writes:
I finished the last 3 quilts of the 6 you sent me. I provided the backing, batting, and binding for all 3.

The first one is a Harry Potter-themed quilt. The size is 39 x 41 it was quilted with a loop design.

This one is a cute panel with prints of hearts, fans, and flying geese.  I did a stipple pattern for the quilting and it’s 40 x 46.

You can’t tell from the photo but it has the same backing as the Harry Potter quilt.  I had a large piece of the grey backing and I put them both on the longarm at the same time.  

This last one is… 39 x 42 and I used a blue for the backing.  I used a beige thread on top and a blue on the bottom.

Once again I did a stipple design.  Someday I hope to get brave enough to do something other than a stipple or loop.

I need to step out of my box and try something new.

I am going to pack up all 3 quilts and send them to HELLO COTTONS.  That’s the group you told us about in your 5/23/22 post. They are collecting quilts to send to Ukraine all year long.  So these will make their way to Ukraine.”

Great quilts Robin.  They look wonderful.  A stipple or loop is great on community quilts.  They will likely be used and washed regularly and both of those motifs stand up to heavy laundering.

I believe all of these tops were made and donated by the Cresco Ladies.  Many thanks to them and to Robin for bringing these quilts to life.  I think they will all go on and make the recipients happy…and welcome to the team Robin.




6 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Robin”

  1. Such pretty quilts. They will all be well-received and cherished. I think the stipple and loops are great stitches for the quilting. Thanks Robin and Cresco ladies!

  2. Robin,
    You did a beautiful job!!! Don’t be afraid to try something new. whoever receives these quilts will love them no matter what the quilting is on it. It’s a great way to have some fun.

  3. Margaret in North Texas

    Robin, thanks for the lovely finishes along with donations of batting, backings and bindings. A shout out to the Cresco ladies for an endless supply of tops!!

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