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It’s cancer week which means all of the kiddos are trying to help mom out between her many early morning trips to Rochester.

You probably read last week that Kayla wrote a few blog posts for mom and I told her I (Kalissa) would also write a few posts for her. 

Gannon got into some trouble last week, he’s been a little too eager to help me out in my Etsy shop. I’ve got my home office in our hallway landing area. I was downstairs, enjoying my free time while I assumed Gannon was sleeping. The living room was due for a deep clean so I moved all the couches, vacuumed, dusted, rearranged my vintage nursing decor, and was surprised that Gannon was sleeping for so long…he wasn’t.  

As I was headed to bed that night, I realized he was NOT sleeping. Gannon had gone through my box of about stationary sets and ripped the paper off that holds the sets together. 

He was in BIG TROUBLE but also, lesson learned. I need to toddler-proof my office!

Thankfully, only a few cards were deemed “unsellable” but it took HOURS to put these sets together and that was with my mom and sister’s help! I’ll be spending my day tomorrow putting sets back together. I should have learned my lesson when last week….

He was “helping me with orders.” It was SO CUTE that he wants to help. I make it a priority to include the boys in my biz every chance I get but Gannon gets a little too enthusiastic. 

I prefer they help write thank you cards like Carver does…

Or when Carver takes my packages into the post office…

That being said, I do have a few new shirts I want to share with you. My goal is to… put out a new quilting or sewing design every month in 2021! 

These two shirts are likely familiar to you, I printed the same design in a maroon/white last June.

I LOVE this steel blue and we tried something new – a tone on tone – so its a cool light blue ink on a cool steel blue tee. I know ya’ll love v-necks so I made sure to include that option as well.

MACHINE-ist also isn’t a new shirt but it’s got a new look! Mom and I just LOVE long sleeve tees and since the CUT SEW PRESS shirts went over “sew” well (haha get it?) We decided to try another long sleeve tee! 

This is the January launch so get yours while you can! I’ve said that this year I want to branch out and have my inventory sold in local quilt shops! If you know of your favorite quilt shop that might like to carry my designs, please leave a comment or reach out to me at

I promise you, if you order, your order will arrive intact and toddler proofed – even if I do have a few extra eager helpers!


15 thoughts on “The Latest from Kalissa”

  1. You might check with Gap Creek Quilting Mercantile….they are on facebook. She has a shop in Guthrie Center, IA and is moving to a larger building February or March. This will give her 3 times as much space as she has now and, believe me, she needs it! We are all so excited to have her here! There is nothing like needing a fabric fix and having her 6 blocks away. We all love her….she has an outgoing personality and is always willing to help anyone with any problem. She carries some purses that someone in a neighboring town makes so maybe she would be willing to carry the t-shirts too.

  2. Children will be children, glad that more of the inventory wasn’t damaged. It’s wonderful that you have them help out with the biz.

  3. Awww, what sweet little helpers! That machinist tee has been calling my name since it’s release. Hope all your stationary is sorted with a minimum of hassle!

  4. Janice D. Simmons

    Hi Kalissa. When you advertise your new pretties – it would be helpful to leave a link at the end. Thanks and God bless you and the Kramer family. Love the shirt.

  5. Thanks for helping your mom! Your pictures are so pretty, especially the ones with the “model” in them, but seriously the quilts you used as backgrounds are beautiful! My prayers continue to be with you all.

  6. What is the name of the black and white quilt Jo is holding? Is it one of her patterns?
    Best wishes to you and your family!
    Thank you.

  7. The Gannon story is too funny but it must have been the week for it. I have an antique drop front desk on my upper landing and keep odds & ends of stationary in it. My grandson (age 5) proudly brought me the “mail” one day. It was a bundle of thank you notes and cards tucked into envelopes and SEALED! I was able to rescue a few but most will need new envelopes. They were the really pretty, special occasion or one of a kind ones like the last one of my home church’s 100 anniversary. Sad but funny too. Children will be children….

  8. I was one that ordered lots of shirts/swetrshirts for Christmas presents, only one enhanced my wardrobe, lol. They all were a huge hit! Thanks!
    I think that Pine Needles Quilt & Sew in Rochester, MN would likely carry them for you. They recently expanded.
    On another note, I am holding you all in my heart and prayers on this journey for the best possible outcome. ❤❤

  9. Greetings, Kalissa, I am trying to get to your tee shirt site but am not having any luck. I’m hoping that you might be able to provide a tip how to get to your site. I have ordered tee shirts and stationary from you before Christmas.
    Thank you,

    PS. I’m saying prayers for your mom as she travels this new health issue. Safe travels for her and all of you

  10. Hi Kalissa. Ordered from your shop yesterday the v neck blue shirt. Ordered before and I love the fit of these shirts. Also, please tell your mom she is in my daily prayers. My mom and sister both passed when they were 70yo of cancer. I understand the idea of making it past the ‘big number’. I tell myself the Lord knows and I have to just enjoy each day to the fullest. God bless your family.

  11. Hello Jo,
    As I was going through bladder cancer, I researched alternative treatments to do in addition to the medical treatment. A couple to seemed to be helpful were following a low sugar diet and using the Joe Tippens protocol. Just a few thoughts to consider. Prayers for you and yours!

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