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I have some news from Ray to share with you today…

Ray writes:
I took pics of this beautiful sampler quilt from the Cresco ladies this morning. Love all the reds, whites, and blues in this quilt.

I believe this is another product of their sampler mania last year. They definitely know what they are doing and it shows in their quilt tops.

I went with the stipple motif for the quilting and light-colored thread.

The back is from the Deb and Pat stash and required a good deal of pieces to get it to work. But it looks great.

Thanks to you, the Cresco ladies, and Deb and Pat for all the fixings for this special quilt.

I put the finishing touches on another sampler quilt from the Cresco ladies. OMG!! This quilt is jam-packed with a wide variety of block patterns and colors.

They did a fantastic job of picking and choosing and resizing to make that top. I think it is Bonnie Hunter that says if a piece of fabric is ugly, you must have not made it small enough. Well, I think the reverse is true of sampler quilts. The more variety, the better they are.

I went with the stipple motif and white thread for this one.

The backing is from the Deb and Pat stash.

Thank you to everyone for your contributions.

Arline H. in North Fort Myers, FL, and I met up again and she shared… more of her treasures with me. So now I get to share them with you.

First was some yardage to use for backs primarily. The first pic has some Thomas the Train fabric, some gingham, and some blue plate fabrics.

The second pic is a lot of western-themed yardage. She works at a thrift store and gets an early pic of the fabric donations.

Now for the quilts.

* The first one is a bargello pattern that she made with ombre fabric and a dark purple fabric. WOW!! That grabs your attention, It measures 49 x 63.

* Next is a quarter log cabin block quilt. All the earthy colors are beautiful. The black fabrics in the blocks and the HST fillers give it a special added touch. It measures 72 x 74.

* Spring training is just around the corner down here and here is the ideal quilt to get a baseball fan in the mood. Love it! It measures 42 x 56.

* Love this fun quilt with all the sunny fabrics in it. It measures 44 x 63.

* This is a beauty!! The batik leaf pattern is set off by a dark brown sashing. It measures 54 x 62.

* Here is another batik background in an Irish chain pattern. Stunning! It measures 43 x 49,

* Here is another eye-catcher. Love the colors and the pattern and the scrappy border. It measures 41 x 51.

* This is for all of you stack and slash fans and admirers. Amazing!! It measures 38 x 48.

* Next is a wonderful sampler quilt. The block patterns and fabrics are awesome. It measures 56 x 56.

* Love all the little puppies in this quilt. It is so cute! It measures 38 x 51.

* The last one is this batik scrap quilt that just sparkles. Arline is absorbed with making batik scrap quilts these days. It measures 41 x 41.

WOW!! Thank you, Arline.”

I have to laugh.  When I first talked to Ray and told him that I was going to step back a bit from the charity quilts and request that you all send goodies directly to quilt finishers, Ray was a little worried he wouldn’t get quilt tops anymore!  HA!!  He’s as busy as ever.  THANKS SO MUCH to all of you who have been still sending goodies out to finishers.  I appreciate it so much!!

A big shout out to all who sent quilt blocks to the Cresco Ladies and for their work in putting the great sampler quilts together.  I love seeing them.

12 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray”

  1. Oh-oh. Those sampler quilts are starting to grow on me! Thanks to all for putting together the latest quilt show.

  2. I did enjoy seeing so many quilt tops today, wow! Arline your batiks really sing to me, I think I need to acquire some new fabrics. All the sampler quilts were lovely, and it made me play “name that block”
    Thank you to Ray, for sharing with us all.

  3. Beautiful, beautiful quilts! Great work by all who contributed to these. There are going to be some very fortunate recipients! Thank you!!

  4. Judith Fairchild

    WOW!!!!! What a parade of lovely quilts. Tha bargello is a winner. Thanks to everyone who shared in making the parade of quilts.
    Last night I was sitting watching the sunset through my venetian blinds, and got an idea for a bargello quilt. I’m writing it down so I don’t forget. But first I have 12 or so quilts to get done. The joy and fun of quilting.

  5. Wow, what a fantastic display of quilt eye candy! Love seeing the cool stuff happening with Ray’s charity quilting. What a generous and talented group of quilt makers!

  6. Susan from Michigan

    I am truly in awe at all the work and love and generosity that has gone into making these quilts. Makes me want to make another sampler quilt!

  7. Margaret Van der Ree

    Hi Jo.
    Beautiful quilts from Ray I like the variety of patterns & colors keep up
    the good work Ray.
    Margaret from Edmonton. a.b.

  8. Hi Jo
    Love these quilts!!! So nice!!!! I adore red white and blue!!!!! I so enjoy your blog and stories about family life. I’ve been reading your stuff about 6 months now. God bless you and your health!!!!!!
    SueAnn from Idaho

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