Community Quilts from Karin

Karin sent quilts finishes to share.  It’s a treat today as there are three to share.

Karin writes:
I believe this fun little number was originally from Jeanine, Guttenberg, IA. I think it is a disappearing pinwheel block, and then centers are amazing!

I wanted to keep the motion going, so I just arced around the outsides and put a little ribbon spiral on the inside of each block. Then, just to keep it sturdy, I stitched in the ditch around all the stripes and put a little Turks cap free motion around the outside border. Unfortunately, my self-binding cut off all my quilty points at the edge! Oh well, live and learn.  The backing is seersucker, one of the few larger pieces in have in my stash. It was originally purchased to make a sundress for my granddaughter! Oh well, her loss.
This lap quilt finished up at 42×32 and will be taken to Grand Living at Citrus Hills, an assisted living center in Lecanto, FL.

I believe this one also originally came from…
Jeanine. This is actually the first one I did on my brand new longarm!  Since I hadn’t mastered the “don’t cross over” rule, I figured I would embrace the intersections instead, and turn them into fun loopy doodles!

Every now and then, I tried to throw a heart in, to let the recipient know someone cared!

I robbed some scraps from another one to extend the soft rose piece I got out of my stash.  After living in our RV for so long, I really don’t have much yardage at all, mostly just small scraps and strips, so I end up piecing the backs from whatever I can stitch together.  That will become more obvious when you see the sunflower panel you sent me! But, for now, this one finishes up at 43×34 and will also be going to Grand Living at Citrus Hills, in Lecanto, FL.

I believe this one was anonymous, or maybe I just couldn’t find its tag. Don’t know why someone wouldn’t claim it, though, its piecing was very well done.

I found a piece of orange fleece in my stash that seemed just right and then quilting was actually done on my embroidery machine.

I alternated between a large flower, that somewhat mimicked the sunflowers and a basket weave, that went over the Thanksgiving-themed strips.  I think the fleece really shows off the quilting!

This one measures in at 40×48.  It will surely make an elderly person smile, and I can’t help but think they will like to “pet” the soft fleece backing.  There is no batting in this one, so it will drape nicely over a lap. It is also going to Grand Living at Citrus Hills, Lecanto, FL.”

WOW…I loved these all and didn’t Karin do an amazing job.  Can you believe the job Karin did when she was new to her longarm??  I sure can’t.  Impressive!!  Thanks to Karin and all who donated.


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  1. Again a group of beautiful quilts. All those involved are so generous with their talents.


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