Mail and a Quilt from Ray

Ray sent me a few emails…he has mail to share and a quilt top finish.  I am going to put them all together into one post.

Ray writes:

The mailman has been busy delivering packages to me in Florida again. I just love all the special treats and surprises from your wonderful blog readers.

Donna F. in NY sent me a box full of thread. All different colors and weights. Those will really come in handy for binding, mending, and possibly making a top.

At the airing of the quilts, everyone really admired the top that Pat T. in WA made from reproduction fabrics. I received a request for another one. Pat was unable to make another but willingly provided fabric and the pattern for me to make another. That was so kind of her. I have fallen in love with the pattern book on Nickel Quilts. OMG! I now understand you reading pattern books at bedtime. 

(HERE is a link to the quilt book.  It’s one of my favorites.)

Then Barbara K. in IA sent me… a box with 4 tops and a backing. They are beautiful!

The first one is a 4 patch top with narrow white sashing and black cornerstones. What a great way to use up all those leftover blocks and the sashing and cornerstone gives it a sophisticated look. It is 51 x 51.

The next one looks like woven ribbons. I love the floral and green fabrics against the white background.  Simple but ever so lovely! It is 56 x 63.

The next quilt is made up of a lot of dark colors and has fall and winter fabrics in it. It looks like it would be rather quick to complete but it does carry a punch with the colors. It is 60 x 75. Just right for a nap on the couch.

The last one is an alphabet quilt. The black letters really pop on the yellow and orange print background fabric. Barbara included enough of the background fabric to use for the backing. WOW! This quilt will definitely get your attention. It is 59 x 68.

Thank you one and all.

Ray also sent pictures of a finished quilt he was happy to share.  Ray writes:

Gina C. in NY mailed me some quilt tops and I finished one of them. As you may recall the church I donate quilts to had an Airing of the Quilts about a month ago. One lady was disappointed in not winning a quilt that was being raffled off. She asked if I might possibly have any other queen-size quilts that she could purchase as part of the church event. I went through the inventory and found this top.

It is 87 x 98. Even better she was wanting something with a mosaic design.

The hexagon pattern has the mosaic look that she wanted.

The backing came from Tammye M. in FL and is a small green hexagon pattern on ecru fabric. Gina also supplied the white binding.

I selected a trillium leaf quilting motif with white thread.

I think it is a very beautiful quilt and will provide warmth and joy for years to come. My thanks to you, Gina, and Tammye for your wonderful contributions to make this requested quilt (and some more funding for the church’s outreach programs).

WOW…great goodies in the mail and a great finish all in one post.  I love that this beautiful quilt could go on and raise money for the church outreach program.  THANKS to everyone who is helping Ray help others.



4 thoughts on “Mail and a Quilt from Ray”

  1. Margaret in North Texas

    Beautiful work Ray! Thanks to those who sew beautiful quilt tops and send other finishing fabrics along. I would think Ray would have a tough time deciding which one to work on next —but he does.

  2. Beautiful quilts and great quilting Ray. I liked the hexagon quilt, but also the Streak of Lightning. The alphabet quilt will make some child happy since it is so pretty and bright.

  3. I love seeing all the quilts that are being donated and quilted. It looks like quilts for donation have moved from ‘oops I made a terrible mistake’ quilts to ‘I think someone would really enjoy this kind of quilt’. I hope this makes sense.
    Also, do you think that some of the quilt finishers could send a picture of them self so we can put a face to a name? I think it would be fun to see who they are.

    Thank you Jo for all you do for so many.

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