Community Quilts from Gail

Do you remember this quilt top that the Cresco ladies made?  The center is a map of Seattle.

When I showed the top, I asked if there was anyone in the area that might finish it and donated it.

Happily, Gail volunteered.  That was so sweet of her.  She volunteered to take a few extra tops too.  PERFECT!!  I had a nice stack here and I sent on four more tops to her.

In no time at all, she finished them and sent pictures.  I always tell the volunteer finishers that they can finish tops at their own pace and they don’t need to hurry.  Well, Gail’s pace must be speedy.  She sent pictures of the finished quilts back in no time.

Here is the finish on the Seattle quilt…  WOW, what nice machine quilting!!

Gail writes:
The 5 quilt tops are done and on their way to the Enumclaw food bank where they will be distributed to forever homes and loved. I added borders where needed and words of inspiration on one.”

Here is a pretty quilt with blues…

This one is all aviation-oriented.  What fun bright colors!!

This one was extra special…

Check out the Prairie Points that Gail put on the binding.  What sweet words of hope.

This panel quilt turned out really cute…

The Cresco ladies made all of these tops.

Gail did such a wonderful job and I’m so happy people in her area will get some good snuggles with these tops.  Gail mentioned that she added borders on one.  That’s great.  Anyone who receives tops is totally welcome to do that.  I was talking with Sandra from the Cresco Ladies group and she asked what size was preferred.  She said that oftentimes they would like to make bigger tops but they don’t get in yardage to add those borders.  When they do get yardage, they try to save it for backings.  I assured her that anyone getting the tops that needed them to be bigger will add borders and that’s perfectly fine.

Thanks bunches to the Cresco Ladies for the tops and of course to Gail who did the work to finish these all up.

9 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Gail”

  1. Hooray for Gail and of course the Cresco ladies! Fantastic finishes for Seattle area. The map and airplane quilts are likely to be big hits. Thanks for the prairie point inspiration.

  2. Margaret in North Texas

    Thanks Gail and Cresco ladies for your combined effort to make these beautiful quilts, each one special on it own. And of course, kudos to Jo for her part in the transaction.

  3. Prairie points are cute w encourage I get words, what I also liked was the blanket stitch to hold the binding down NICE idea

  4. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Great job, Gail!!! Love the special custom quilting on the quilts – makes them extra special as do the Prairie Points!! What a cool idea!!! Great team to make quilts that will comfort as they were made with love in every stitch!

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