Community Quilt from Lori for Sharehouse

I recently got an email from Lori who finishes twin to full sized quilt for Sharehouse, a center that works with individuals who need extra help conquering their addictions.

Lori writes:

Here is one of the quilt tops that you recently sent me.  I wish I had taken a picture of this quilt top before I pressed and loaded it on the machine.

Maybe you have the picture that you had sent me.  (I do but it’s not the best picture)

This quilt top was so fun to work with.  Beautiful fabric, nicely pieced and unique that it is made of equilateral triangles. How wonderful and generous of a quilter to donate this top.

I had a lime green fabric that I used for the backing.  

I am so appreciative that the quilt top maker sent along with the binding already made and ready to stitch on the quilt.

I think I would have been hard-pressed to come up with a fabric to use for the binding that looked this nice.

The fabrics show up nice and bright in the outside photos.  My husband held up the quilt on this breezy day. ;-)


This quilt will surely brighten the day of a resident at Sharehouse, a chemical and alcohol recovery residency program in Fargo, ND.

Thank you to the quilter who made and donated this quilt top and binding, and thank you Jo for sending me this quilt top and giving me the opportunity to donate to Sharehouse.

WOW!!  What a pretty quilt.  I can’t imagine the courage it takes to fight addiction.  This quilt is so bright and cheery.  I’m sure it will put a smile on the recipient’s face!!  THANKS so much to the maker of the top and of course to Lori for her generous gift of time and talent!!

12 thoughts on “Community Quilt from Lori for Sharehouse”

  1. Christina Coats

    Wow what an amazing quilt. Equilateral triangles yikes. Jo am I right you bind your quilts by attaching back first and then bring it forward to the front? Does that mean you hand sew the front (my favourite bit! ) try as I will I cannot stitch binding with the sewing machine. Am I alone in this?
    Love and God bless you for all the work you do for charity. From gale battered Wiltshire UK

    1. Hi Christina,
      Jo does her binding different than I do mine. I believe Jo stitches her on the front first, then pins really well turning the binding to the back, making sure that the binding goes beyond the binding/stitching on the front. She then stitches on the front, in the ditch next to the binding, it is catching the binding on the back. Jo, please correct me if I am mistaken.
      Everyone does what works best for them. I used to always hand stitch mine to the back (for the second time around), but for sharehouse quilts, I think my binding is neat and very sturdy. Also, there will no quilt police to judge my quilt!!

  2. What a beautiful quilt. Exact piecing and a lovely selection of colours and fabrics. A beautiful gift . You did an excellent job, Lori with the quilting and choice of backing fabric.

  3. An incredible job of piecing and then machine quilting and finishing. Thanks to all of you for such wonderful work!
    Love and prayers

  4. Beautiful quilt with lovely choices and workmanship from beginning to end. May it bring comfort and healing to the struggling person who receives it.

  5. Beautiful quilt. Such a good way to use up bigger remnants. The quilting and backing were such good choices. Thanks Lori for quilting and to the maker for donating.

  6. I love this quilt and pattern. I am wondering if anyone knows the name of the pattern. I am also thinking about how hard it might be to make the pieced triangle wonky and using more of the bright fabrics in the centers. Any thoughts or suggestions?

    Christina Coats, I am very sure you are not alone in enjoying the hand stitching of the binding. I, however, fall into the category of being unable to do the hand sewing, so I put the bindings on entirely with my machine. It’s not always the perfect answer, but I have to make it work so I can finish off my quilts. lol

  7. I love everything about this quilt. It is so bright and cheery. Thanks to all of you who had a hand in making it into the beautiful work of art that it is now complete.

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