Community Quilts from Ray!

I’ve got a treat for you all…Ray sent me pictures of a bunch of finished quilts.

Ray writes:
Do you remember the chewing gum commercial, “Double your pleasure, double your fun with Doublemint gum?” Today I am going to double your quilting pleasure with double quilts. Joanne from NY made twin quilt tops and sent them to you and you forwarded them to me.

I love the pattern and colors. This pattern is on my To-Do list of quilts. I must admit I added a border.

I just wanted them to be a tad bit bigger. Joanne included a little more of the floral print so I used it for the corners to help blend it all together. The backing is from Deb and Pat in FL. I decided to use the floral pattern for the quilting and went with a light violet thread so as to allow the fabrics to take center stage.

Since I minimized the quilting on the front, I did the same on the back with a pink thread. I love how these two quilts turned out.

Thanks to you, Joanne, Deb, and Pat for your contributions towards making these quilts so beautiful and great additions to the donation pile.”

There is another quilt from Ray…here’s the next one…

Ray writes:
I completed this charming quilt that was made by the Cresco ladies.

I like the way they started with the X blocks and then added borders to make it bigger. Then repeated the blocks in the border corners.

I am sure this one used up a bunch of scraps and put them to good use.

I debated on the quilting pattern and finally decided to do a simple stipple pattern with a bone-colored thread that would blend with the top and the back.

The backing was donated by Shirley S. in NV.

I am sure this quilt will get a lot of use at Hope Healthcare. Many thanks to Jo, the Cresco ladies, and Shirley for their contributions to this quilt.

I loved seeing these quilts.  I think when you get to see the before and after pictures, you all get to see more than ever how much machine quilting adds to the quilts.  Ray is a talent that makes them amazing.  Thanks so much, Ray and everyone who brought these great projects together, you are the best!


10 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray!”

  1. Beautiful quilts! So good to see all the generosity of the quilt makers and the the quilter. Thanks Jo for making this happen.

  2. I really like how everyone’s touch made some wonderful quilts. everything from the backing to putting together blocks and adding on borders!
    Love and prayers

  3. Kuddos for all involved in the charity quilt effort! And again I say, when tops are quilted they come alive!! Charity Quilting is such a passion and love how they give people “hugs.”

  4. Wonderful finished quilts, thank you Ray for always sharing with us. To the generous ladies who donated the tops and the backing, how kind of you to reach out to share your talent with others.

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