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Cheryl pictures of her finished quilt to me back in November.  It was part of that email that had escaped me when I was busy finishing the quilts for kids in need.  I still haven’t gotten back to it.  UGH.  Cheryl was so sweet and understood and just sent the email to me again.  Feel free to send another email to me if I missed something.  Thanks for letting me be human Cheryl!!  Anyway…without even more delay, here’s Cheryl and Beth’s quilt.

Beth sent this lovely Courthouse Steps quilt top to me back in the summer.  I sent it to Cheryl in Dallas for quilting and binding.  This one is a nice queen-size top at 90” x 110.”

All set up on the longarm.  Looks like there is no room to maneuver in front of that longarm:  everybody, suck in your tummies!

Here’s one block of Beth’s top.  Don’t you love the color arrangement?  She used gold as the center of each block, and then four rich colors on the sides.  The four colors form a secondary pattern when the blocks are joined in the quilt.  Only a quilter would be able to pick out the individual blocks in this quilt because of the overall design the colors create.

The top is getting an edge-to-edge pattern of gentle feather swirls.  The subtle print makes these fabrics look like velvet.  I want to run my fingers over it.

The electronic quilt pattern is “Zoidberg Feathers” by Barbara Becker.  It is available at Urban Elementz.  This screen view shows the longarm has stitched out the dark portion on the left and is moving across the row toward the right.


Beth’s quilt made it to the Backyard Dallas Quilt Display on a very cloudy day.  You can see that it is a long one by the way it drapes down the retaining wall in Cheryl’s back yard.  See?



What a royal-looking quilt!  I’d like to know how many of you prefer this color combination.  As I usually work with scrappy combinations, so I don’t achieve this look in my quilts, but it has me thinking.


Along with the quilt top, Beth sent several yards of matching tan fabric.  Thank you!  It’s not necessary but oh so appreciated.  One yard of it was used for the binding.

The rest of the yardage went into the backing.  Cheryl pulled a water-color fabric in similar colors from her stash to complete the backing.  And, she says, yes, the extra fabric was donated to her by someone who wanted it out of their own stash.  I’m thinking that fabrics just keep moving from one quilter to the next until they find the perfect home in a lovely quilt.

This quilt is going to Oregon to aid victims of the wildfires that burned 300 houses in the Echo Mountain Complex Fire. This fire, which started on Labor Day, was one of the “smaller” wildfires in Oregon, burning about 2,500 acres.  I hope this quilt will help a family that might have lost quilts made by their own family members and serve as a reminder that even people they have never met are kindred spirits.  Even in this strange year, quilters are sharing goodness all around.  Thank you, Beth and Cheryl!  Thank you, all quilters who make and donate quilts — I’m so glad to be part of this community.

There is always a need for large quilts.  Thanks so much, Beth for donating this wonderful top.


19 thoughts on “Community Quilt from Cheryl and Beth”

  1. I love the quilt! My sister made the pattern with floral FLANNELS ;) It is so warm and snuggly. She has two cats and yes they shed. Also, regarding the butter chopper. I don’t chop my butter into my flour, I use a grater on my semi frozen butter and it works great. Not my idea but one I got from the lady at the end of the dirt road, my grater is from my aunt and I love using it and thinking of her. I do have a chopper just like yours in my drawer. It was left behind by my mother in law and I had no idea what to do with it past cutting biscuits. Now you are giving me ideas…

    1. I can totally see that quilt done as a scrappy quilt! In fact, now I want to try it! Thank you for sharing your life, I read your blog everyday.

  2. Such a beautiful quilt! Some lucky recipient will love it. Thank you Cheryl and Beth for your generosity of making and finishing this quilt. Beautiful work.

    1. If Cheryl is willing to quilt and donate the quilt top I have to aid the Oregon fire victims, I would be happy to mail it and backing fabric directly to her. It is large and old fashioned calico prints, so most places helping children are not interested. Our daughter went to school and still lives in Oregon, so this would be very meaningful to us.

  3. I love that color combination! I am so tempted to try one of the lovely secondary pattern type quilts, but I’m certain I will screw up the block arrangement multiple times resulting in much seam ripping lol. I have been planning on making my first log cabin quilt out of an assortment of plaid flannels (DD#7) but I’m not sure yet what layout I should use. Hopefully I’ll pick an easier one. Blessings!

  4. I love that quilt especially the colors. It is gorgeous. You all have such talent and love that you spread. As a beginning quilter I will put that pattern on my list to try.

  5. Joy Van den top

    Beautiful!! I have one of those choppers also but not serrated and it’s very useful! I’ve never used it for pie dough but I will have to try that.

  6. Cheryl and Beth – The quilt is just beautiful. I love the way the lighter thread looks on the dark fabric.
    It really makes the great quilting stand out. Beth did a great job of selecting the fabrics and piecing the quilt, and Cheryl did a great job selecting the quilting pattern and completing the quilt. One of the best I have seen!

  7. That’s beautiful and I really like the color combo!! Nice job on the quilt AND the quilting. Someone’s going to be so happy to receive it.

  8. it is quite lovely. But the quilting concept of using shirting, feed sacks,, scraps,, reclaimed clothing seems to be the backbone and foundation of quilting. and there is an amazing beauty in that as well. there is positive room for both.
    some of us would never complete that first quilt if we had to purchase all new fabric.

  9. Can you let me know what organization you are working through to get quilts to Oregon fire victims? We are a small group in Portland who has about 8 comforters and quilts, queen size for this purpose but haven’t been able to find anyone taking them.

  10. Beautiful quilt and quilting. It’s just that those shades of color are all so dark, not my favorite combo. I do love scrappy.

  11. Hello Cheryl and Beth,
    I was on Google and noticed this beautiful 90×110 quilt.
    It’s the one I think by Beth in cobalt blue, burgundy, greens and natural colors.
    I have a granddaughter that is getting married and would love to make it for her.
    Can you be so kind and let me know how I can obtain the fabric and directions. My email
    My cell 210-387-7363
    Dorina Hobbs

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