Community Quilts from Lori

Yahoo…Lori sent pictures of the quilts she has been working on.  I just love getting pictures of completed projects.  It makes all the work to get them to the longarmers totally worth it!

Lori writes:

This was a wonderful quilt that was sent to you from Joann in SanFranciso Bay.  Joann did such a nice job piecing and putting on borders, and the fabric was such nice quality.  Joann put a lot of time into this Sampler quilt.

There was one basket block that looked kind of empty to me, not sure if it was supposed to have something in it or not, but I decided to add a couple of flowers and leaves to that block.

I used a  brushed fabric for the backing and a stripe for the binding.  I couldn’t decide between a plain green (that almost matched) for the binding or this stripe.  My husband liked this stripe, so that is what I used.

Thank you Jo and Joann for giving me the opportunity to donate a quilt to a resident at Sharehouse.  A resident will truly love this beautiful quilt.

Here is the second quilt…

“I don’t know who made this fun bright blue quilt top.  I wanted to make the top a bit bigger, so I added the white border on the top and bottom of the quilt, then I pulled this blue from my stash and used it for the border, obviously, it was meant to be, as I used every last inch of this blue.

I used a quilt design with a swirl to mimic the swirl in the fabric.
I had this blue/green print that I used for the backing and plain blue fabric for the binding.

I have started attaching my binding by machine for these quilts (like you do), I think they will be more sturdy than hand-stitched binding.   

A resident at Sharehouse will love it.

Thank you, Jo, and whoever made this pretty quilt top.
This quilt is the fourth and final quilt of this batch of quilt tops that you sent to me.  Thanks to all the people that helped make and donate these quilts.

Lori will donate all of these quilts to Sharehouse.  It is a place in Fargo, ND that helps people learn to deal with their addictions.  It’s a great place that supports mental health and the well being of people.  I can’t think of a more worthy cause.  Thanks so much to Lori and those of you who donated tops.  As Lori said, the residents who receive these will love them!





6 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Lori”

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed your Sewing Room tour. How lovely to have everything in place so you can immediately put your fingers on anything. Since I started quilting in 1997 I have used my son’s bedroom, using his old desk for my sewing machine. Always been wrong because the kneehole is on the left, drawers on the right. Having seen Lori’s video and now yours I’ve decided to bite the bullet and have a new sewing table with drawers made for me in the New Year – the right way round! And a couple of shelves above for the usual basic things like scissors, rotary cutters, buttons etc. My lighting isn’t good so your thin light over your machine caught my eye. Do you have details for that? I think that would be just what I need.

  2. I love these quilts. I really didnt know how beautiful they truly are . My best friend in New York told me about her quilt. So I saw hers was very old and ripped. So I started looking for a full size . Saw these . Exquisite
    I would love to get her one. Thank you carla

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