Community Quilts from the Cresco Ladies

The Cresco ladies have been busy again!!  Here is the stack they dropped off about two weeks ago.

There is a wonderful variety of finished quilt, quilts that only need binding and finished tops.

I’ll show you the finished tops first.  This was a fun idea…a panel in the middle and squares around the outside.

Here is a great star quilt.  I love all things stars.

I am not sure but I think the pieced triangle part of the block came from goodies I sent their way.

Not to the tops…

This is a large pieced of fabric and then simply bordered with fabric.  This may look simple now but after it gets machine quilted, it will be so nice.  See the fun print up close?

The ladies always amaze by how many tops they make in a short time!

This one is a panel with border fabric.  I know that blue on the border was a fabric from me.  I used it as the backing for a quilt I machine quilted for Kelli.

This too was a panel fabric with borders…The border color is perfect.

This one is much like one of the previous quilts…

I think this might be one of those 3-yard quilts we’ve talked about in previous blog posts.

This will be a cute baby quilt.

As I was photographing these a friend of mine stopped over and she volunteered to finish many of these with her group of friends.

She said because of covid they haven’t been able to get as many quilts done as they normally do.

These are going to help them get caught up.

This one was fun.  I had to look at it closer.

I couldn’t decide if it was a large panel or what.  I looked closer and realized that the fabric was fussy cut and then the pieces got snowball corners.

Then sewn together to create the diamonds.  FUN!

Here is a strip quilt.  I’ve yet to make one…

I love the checkerboard border on this one.

I’ve loved the look of these plus quilts but have never made one as I’ve always thought I’d need a design wall….being Rosie would mess up anything I put on the floor.

This one might be my favorite of the bunch.

Notice the note on the quilt.  It is made by Sandra’s granddaughter and friends.  Notice the note….

Sandra has told me that her granddaughter’s hockey team does service projects and often they make a quilt top.

Check out the house quilt…

I would like to do a quilt like this only make the triangles be strings.  Hmm.  I might get serious about actually doing that.

There is that same blue print from me…did you see the appliqued boat?

This was a bigger top…

This is a fun color combo.  It’s a four patch top.

This one was a little wrinkled…sorry.

The next two tops are both nine patches…

This one is a fun color combo.

I love the pops of red in this nine patch.

That’s the end of the tops…but wait!  There were two quilts that were machine quilted but not bound.  Sandra gave them to me a little apologetically.  No apology needed.   We’ll happily take them.  Binding is easy.

It is easy for me to find binders.  Finding longarmers is the hardest part!!  As always if anyone is interested in tops, let me know.  I have quilt tops out to anyone who I know is interested.  If you contacted me before and I haven’t sent tops, please contact me again.  I can get you set up.  These are all spoken for but there will be more.  I’m sure of it!!

Thanks so much to the Cresco ladies…Awesome job!!

8 thoughts on “Community Quilts from the Cresco Ladies”

  1. I’m always so impressed by all the quilts they make and especially their creativity. Thank you Jo for getting these out to where they will be appreciated.

  2. Judith Fairchild

    Love the quilts so glad the Cresco Ladies didn’t cut up the animal print for the quilt I have that print in my stash. Now I know what to do with it. Thanks to all the Ladies involved.

  3. Those Ladies always put so much thought into using what they have-and it always comes out so awesome! I cannot comprehend the beautiful work they do and the quick turnaround time. I could study the spare parts for months and not come up with such great solutions. They seem to do it overnight! It just gives you such a warm, tingly feeling looking at all the goodness in one stack. Thank you to Cresco Ladies and to you Jo for getting all this moving in such a helpful direction. Blessings & hugs to all!!

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