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I told you I’ve been trying to get caught up on my quilt tops that need to get quilted.  I took a slight detour and did a couple of quilts for charity.  These are both going to be donated to a fundraiser for a local animal rescue organization.

The first top was donated by a blog reader.  The second I saw it I knew it was me that was going to finish it.  I often support the local animal rescue and this quilt would be a PERFECT quilt for that.

First off I love the colors!!

Second, check out the center of each of these blocks…

There are cute little dogs!!

This one looks almost like a beagle.

What a great bunch of scraps!!

I found a red in my stash to use for the binding…I think it turned out great.

I had a black and white stripe for the backing.  It was a thrift store fabric…but perfect don’t you think?

I finished a baby and decided to donate this one too.  This one came from the Cresco ladies…

I never know what to donate.  I don’t think everyone wants dog and cat things…  I’m hoping someone attending will want a cute boy baby quilt.

There is a panel in the middle with a “Why God Made Little Boys” saying.

All around the outside are some great novelty prints that are all boyish.

It is such a cute quilt.

I had some backing leftover from another quilt that I thought would be perfect so I pieced that together and used that.  The original fabric I bought at an auction.

I hope these two projects bring a nice monetary donation for the animal rescue.

Thanks so much for the donation of tops.  It’s awesome to not have to make a quilt from start to finish yet still be able to donate.

If there are any pet lovers out there who are interested in donating a pet-themed top, I’d be happy to quilt it and donated it to the next fundraiser they have.

11 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Jo”

  1. are the : frames” around the dogs separate pieces or part of the fuss y-cut

    never saw such a vibtant quilt before. It will be a terrific fundraiser.

  2. Hi Jo
    I am smiling because much of the boy quilt fabric came from my donation to the Creso Ladies, after I made several quilts that went to Ray for longarming using that same fabric. It really does have a little boy look, especially since they added the panel to the mix. It was great to see this quilt first thing this morning and feel the joy for whoever gets to cuddle under this.

  3. The dog quilt is so cute, sure many will want it, so should go for good price. The baby quilt is really cute too. Those Ceresco ladies do fabulous work – they have busy hands. It is great seeing these completed and knowing the good cause they will go for.

  4. the quilts are really cute- i especially like the first one. i’m just curious: what do the quilts sell for? in our area, when we’ve done quilts like that, they typically go for MUCH MUCH too little. do you find that the quitls bring a nice chunk of change for the charity you’ve donated them to?

  5. I love the vibrancy of the colors. You are really good at putting colors together. I love clicking on your website and seeing Rosie at the top. Makes my day!

  6. The dog quilt has awesome visual appeal and I’m sure it will do well. The baby boy quilt is precious. Reading that panel actually choked me up. My feeling on my two boys and 3 grandsons. Hopefully how they present the quilts will allow the panel to be read.
    Both are finished beautifully.

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