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Sorry if you saw this post earlier.  I was in the middle of writing it and got called away from the computer.  We had a family thing happen that I had to tend to.  Nothing serious at all but I did have to tend to it.  I had already scheduled it to post.  I got called away and it already posted by the time I got back to the computer.

So, the post went up before it was finished.  I have the photos in but no comments.  I had pictures of the boxes including the address that I normally always remove before the post is scheduled.

When the post went live, it wasn’t how it normally is.  I apologize for that.  It’s right now…

I’ve been overflowing with mail lately.  It’s a good problem really…  The first box came from Tina…

There were lots of fabrics.  Some are big enough for backings.  The fabric in the bottom right is something more for pincushions or to wool applique on.    The piece on the left is more of a linen.

There were lots of patterns.  I’m wondering if the pattern in the upper left is one someone was looking for?  I’m excited to check these out and then pass some of them along.  I love reading patterns.  Weird I know!!

There were fun scraps.  I pulled the green on the bottom in the middle.  That’s a green that might work for a quilt on my UFO list.

Cute monkey flannel, Minkee and check out that paintbrush fabric.

The next box came from a blog reader that didn’t leave her first name.   All I know is that the box came from Louisiana.  She sent the sweetest card and included some postage money.

These are all quilt tops…they are …

The maker said she got a little ahead of herself with quarantine sewing…I think many of us can relate.  If you’re like me, sewing the tops is the best part of sewing.

Backings were included with most of these quilts and the backings were all PERFECT for the projects.

I love the fun color in the quilt below….

Notice how the rows wrap around.

This next quilt is a great quick quilt.  I love the color…of couse there is read in it!!

This was a fun quilt too.  I like the color in this too….even though there is no red.

Have you noticed a theme with many of these quilt tops?  They are all different but many use a similar block.  A block like this…

Look at the quilts carefully…you’ll see the block.

This quilt uses it too!!

In the box were also some great quilt blocks.  I’m guessing these came from a fabric line.

There were patterns too!!

The quilt tops ended up going to a lady from my church.  She has a group of friends who make quilts that they refer to as comfort quilts.  They give them for benefits and to people who are going through a rough patch.  Typically they have a few on hand but their supply has been depleted so they were super happy to get these.  Two of the gals in their group have longarm machines so these were perfect for their group.

The next box came from Connie in KS.  Connie wrote to me and asked if someone might be interested in quilt blocks she had.  Connie explained that she used to teach block of the month classes and these were all her samples.

I started trying to sort them all out.  There wasn’t enough table space so I tried the floor and that was impossible with Rosie.  I ended up looking at them, admired them, and put them back in the box.  I asked Sandra if the Cresco ladies might be interested in them and Sandra said yes…she said having blocks let them make really quilt quilts.  She said that with a big smile on her face…so no doubt these will be seen again soon only in quilt tops.

Thanks so much for all of the amazing mail.  I’m behind on mail again….badly.  I think I have enough to write two blog posts.  Please be patient with me.  I am trying so hard to work on my sewing room that some other things are getting behind.  Look for more mail posts coming soon.

15 thoughts on “In My Mail…”

  1. Wow! What a variety of fabrics and quilt tops was donated to you, Jo. You have generous readers. I know you or others will make many people happy with these things. I love the paintbrush fabric! You never know what will be in those special boxes when you open them!!

  2. Thanks for explaining what happened to your post. I’m seeing the edited edition and it looks great. Hopefully all is well.

  3. Beautiful quilts! The first one is fascinating. Did you happen to measure the strips? I assume the square is 5″.

    The Cresco ladies will have fun with those beautiful blocks.

    Good luck on your sewing room project. It’s looking great!

  4. Beautiful quilt tops and I really enjoyed that many were from the same block. The red and green one is so clever–could be Christmas lights, a rose bed, and so many other cute things depending on colors. Thank you for showing these beauties and I look forward to seeing them again.

  5. Anyone who reads your blog knows that you don’t post addresses. It could only be a mistake for it to have happened. I’m assuming the people who sent the boxes would forgive you for that. They can use your address as the return address if they want to ensure the address will never be seen. I know some people have done that.

    One of the things we like most about you is that share your life, your real life with us. Things do happen. You are human. I would never think to question you about it.

    Sending love and prayers.

  6. I’d like to have patterns for many of the tops that were sent. If the maker reads this, could she tell us what patterns they used? They are simple but striking. My favorite kind.

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