In the Mail….

I got a lot of mail over the course of the last few weeks.  I’m behind on mail and slowly catching up.  I appreciate the so many that have thought of me and sent packages.

The first package comes from Kathy…
WOW.  Check this out.  She blessed me with calico prints.  Oh my.  I love them and what a great variety of prints.

The cheater fabric on the right was fun.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to use that as part of a backing for a quilt.

The next box came from Carol ….
There were lots of goodies packed into the box.

There were a lot of military fabrics.  I think these I’ll pass these onto the lady I collect Quilt of Valor fabric for.  I might ask Kelli is she’d like the dog tag fabric for masks.  I think it would be good.

There were really a lot of fun prints that I’m passing on to Kelli for kid masks.

So many fun prints I know Kelli will love.  The Matroska doll fabric is so cute!!

Carol sent two shirts that I’m sure Kelli will cut up for masks.

The next box was from Carla.  She periodically sends scraps and I love it.  They are always such great scraps….

This time there was solid white and cream fabric.  I put that in the box for the Cresco ladies.

Oh my, polka dots.  If you read the blog regularly, you know I love polka dots.  I did put these in the mask fabric pile though.

Jeanne in AZ sent the next box.  She too has periodically sent me goodies.

Check out that monster fabric…SO CUTE!!

This flannel I passed on to the Cresco ladies.  They love it for backings.

SCRAPS…goodness knows I loved that!

This was a funny panel fabric that had me laughing.

There was a lot of this fabric.

Here are even more fun prints.

The last thing in the box were some jammies.  How fun!

Thanks so much for the goodies everyone.  I appreciate that you all take the time to think of me and send the goodies.  I do have more boxes here so if I didn’t get to your box, no worries…I’m getting to them.

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  1. Would a quilt made of all polka-dot be too much? I’ve often thought of trying that, but I just can’t decide. Lots of fun fabrics to see again!

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