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Yahoo…more community quilts keep rolling in.  I’m so excited.  I recently got in several tops that were twin or larger and that’s exactly what Cheryl in Dallas needs so these went right to her and already, Cheryl is done with one. So without further ado…

Next up in the parade of community quilts my readers have been cranking out is this lovely pink floral version.  Joann in California sent this quilt top to me.  It is 70” x 92,” so I sent it to Cheryl in Dallas as her favorite charity needs bed-size quilts for adults.  This is just right for a twin bed.

Here’s Joann’s top as I received it.  So pretty in pink.


All of these bright fabrics are beautifully coordinated.  Does anyone know if this is one designer’s line?  Joann did a great job of matching up these strips of fabric and turning them into quarter-square triangles.  The top is made of pieced QST, solid triangles, and thin sashing strips.  It’s a simple concept, but all of those patterned strips makes it look very complicated.


I sent Joann’s top to Cheryl in Dallas in mid-June.  About that time, Cheryl and her husband both came down with COVID as it raced through eastern Texas.  Ugh!  After four weeks, Cheryl said she was able to take up quilting again.  We all know this hobby will cure most anything!

The top is getting loaded onto the longarm.  It looks to me like there is some “Franken-batting” on this one.  Quilters can create lots of batting scraps while quilting our tops, and I love to see it being put to use.

This digital quilting pattern is “Pansies,” which is available for free at the Urban Elementz website.  It’s delicate, quilts out fast, and is perfect for a quilt with flower-themed fabric.

This is another beautiful quilt created with the combined talents of two ladies who don’t even know each other.  Aren’t quilters the greatest?  (We’re including you in this group, too, Ray.)

The pink and yellow stripe binding came from Cheryl’s stash — which was donated to her by a quilter who was cleaning out her stash.  Friends, if you have ever passed on fabric to someone else who can love it and use it, you are part of the process of getting quilts to people who will appreciate the quilt and the love involved in making them.  Maybe we should call our stashes “love-in-the-making.”


The pale pink backing came from Thrift Giant in Dallas and is just the right match for the pink fabric Joann used in the background.

This quilt will go to a halfway house in Kentucky.  It is a faith-based ministry that works with men and women who are recovering from addictions.  The residents take their quilts with them when they finish the program and move out into the community.  Some lady is going to love this one!



Cheryl sent pictures of a Bonus Quilt too…I can’t wait to show you. Check it out….

Cheryl in Dallas sent photos of a quilt she finished for friends who are celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary.  I included this cross-stitched panel in an auction I held back in October 2019 to raise money for the postage fund.

It’s about 24” x 30.”

This panel was stamped in blue ink, and someone embroidered it with 6-ply thread.  The panel was stamped in 2009, but I don’t know who made it as I got it at a garage sale.  Those thousands of “X”s are not too accurate, so maybe it was made by an older person or someone with poor eyesight?  I think that adds to the charm of the work.

I was tempted to keep this panel for myself, but I can’t finish all the projects I dream up, so I let it go in the auction.  Cheryl in Dallas won this item and she found the perfect use for it.  Her friends with the wedding anniversary live in Colorado and come from a long line of farmers.

Can you see the Baptist Fan quilting?  It was “the” choice for this quilt because the couple are faithful members of their local Baptist church — and their son is the pastor.

The center of these blocks are made on a foundation of adding machine tape.  A great use for tiny scraps.

Although the person who embroidered this panel never turned it into a finished project, it will be treasured in this quilt with a farm family in Colorado.  Another happy ending.

I was thrilled to see that the embroidery piece was put together and now has a home…a forever home.

Thanks so much to all who worked to make the quilts happen.  I say this all the time but it’s so true.  The Community Quilt posts always bring great joy to me.




8 thoughts on “Community Quilt From Cheryl”

  1. Both quilts are lovely. I like to see all the quilts others are making, they give me inspiration to make more and different tops. I have been donating to a group in Ohio, saves on postage. Thanks to all involved for inspiring me. Thanks JO for sharing.

  2. Both quilts are beautiful!!! The quilt made with the embroidery piece is just priceless! I bet someone donated it because they thought it wasn’t very good and now it’s an heirloom!!! Jo you are too funny! Yes quilting will cure a lot of things!

  3. Two fabulous quilts. The Farm cross-stitch panel has been used so imaginatively by Cheryl! The resulting Wedding Anniversary quilt is sensational. Clever lady – her friends will be delighted to receive such a perfectly thought out gift.

  4. Both quilts are going to be treasured and I really like the cross stitch panel used in the quilt, so clever. Happy to hear that Cheryl and her husband survived Covid and she is back to quilting for us all.

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