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It was a big mail week.  I’ve been trying really hard not to open the packages until I have time to blog about them so that I can keep everything straight.  There were five boxes here to open and take care of….well, this is what happened.  Last Saturday I had Carver, Gannon and Georgia here.  I got a call from Sandra from the Cresco quilters.  She was wanting to come to my house and drop off quilt tops.  I was home, had the kids and I could easily manage Sandra coming so, I said sure.

Then I walked out to the kitchen and saw the boxes.  I was SURE some of the stuff in the boxes would need to go to Sandra I thought I better quick open them and see.  I did the best I could in between wrangling kids and trying to hurry to get it all taken care of before Sandra came…so forgive me if I did something wrong.

The first box came from Holly I believe.  I had kept the note and the box but Carver took the box and “sawed” it.  (Cut it with his play saw tool and then, no joke, Rosie got ahold of the note that I had in the box and ate the part where the signature was)  Oh my…so I know a box came from Holly and I really think it was this one.

It’s so cute as I can totally relate to the note that says she’s sick of the UFO blocks and a charity group can have them!!  It’s the perfect way to get things GONE.

Blog reader Barbara was busy cleaning out her sewing room.  She boxed up all of this…

It was a narrow box but PACKED!!  She requested that I sent these on to the Cresco ladies for charity quilts and that was perfect being they were coming that very day.  WOW…what a bunch of awesome goodies.  She had planned to make charity quilts with the precuts but figured she had other things to sew so generously passed them on.  In here note she asked what the reference was “Cresco” ladies and wanted to know what “Cresco” was.  Well Cresco is the town north of me.  It’s about 25 minutes away.  The ladies, as far as I know, don’t have an official name to their group.  I just deemed the the “Cresco ladies”.

I’ve done charity quilting in my life and have appreciated any fabric I that was donated, but I know this will be treasured as it’s fun to sew with something new and that already coordinates.

Kelli is starting to make a batch of masks for kids.  She’s had lots of requests for them from co-workers as friends.  As schools start opening, she’s guessing there will be a big demand.  I did pull these fabric to cut for masks. …I figured Barbara would okay with that….

This box is from Barbara too.

What an awesome bunch of goodies.

Lots of fabric.  She thought Ray could use the big bundle on the upper left for binding.  I’ll add that to his next box.

So many fun prints were included.

I was really excited about the magazines.  I don’t have a magazine subscriptions anymore.  It’s a place I could cut my budget and did.  So this is fun for me.  See the purple machine quilting book…I love that one and know I’ll be using that one a lot.

Barbara also sent a check to help with postage.  I so appreciate it.  The Cresco ladies will be bringing more quilt tops and I’m sure I’ll have a lot that need to be shipped out.  I so appreciate the help with postage.

Congrats to Barbara for getting your sewing room all organized.

The last box came from Paula D.  She was downsizing due to family moving in with her.  I was all smiles to see this.

Here is what was in the box.

Check out the vintage quilt top.  Carver took the picture of me holding the top.  Oh my.  I love it.  I think I’d like to recreate this quilt.  I love the green too.

Oh my wouldn’t have LOVED to go to this tag sale??  25 cents for fabric pieces.  In the note Paula said that I should do whatever I wanted with the fabric.  I passed some on to the Cresco ladies and some are going to be masks.

The scrap bags were stuffed.  How fun!!

I used the Disney Frozen fabric for masks.  I’m sure they will be popular.

The star fabric is going to be masks too.  THANKS so much.  Kelli was so happy to get a few more fun mask fabrics that were kiddish.

What a fun box of goodies!!

Thanks so much to everyone who thought of me.  I so appreciate it.  There is one more box here but the Cresco ladies showed up before I could get it opened and photographed.  I’ll save that one for the next mail post.

6 thoughts on “Mail Call”

  1. Lots of great fabric in that bunch! I too would have loved to hit that 25 cent sale! I’m loving that green and patchy quilt top! I could see that in so many colors!

  2. I’m with you I love that quilt with the green. When you work out the pattern let me know. I donate around 50 quilts a year and anytime someone wants to give me charm packs or jelly rolls I am in heaven so I am sure the ladies will be so excited. You had quite a haul.

  3. I loved the green quilt! Maybe you could do a quilt along? I am not good with figuring out the yardage I need (green fabric). I have TONS of the squares cut and do leader/ender four patches, but always hesitate to start anything for fear I will run out of my “focus” fabric. Thanks for sharing your mail with us, Hugs,

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