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Every so often questions and comments come from readers that I think others would like to hear my response to.  That’s when I feature them on the blog.  This is one of those days.

After writing my blog post on how I cut up my scraps to make they usable, I got this question from Karin:
You have some great tips on how to cut strips. I like the idea of ironing at a different time, to make the time cutting more efficient.
I would like to know what pattern the quilt with stars and blocks in RWB on the bed is. Thank you.”

Karin was referring to this quilt….
American Patchwork & Quilting June 2015 |
It is in the June 2015 issue.  I designed it.  Kelli sewed it.  It’s called Stars and Stripes Forever.  Back issue can be found HERE.  This is the cover of the issue.

American Patchwork & Quilting June 2015 |

You can read the Cinderella story behind this quilt HERE.  I went from not liking it, to loving it!

The next question comes from Patricia…
I found it interesting that you cut 2 inch strips. What patterns do you use that width for? I can’t recall anything I’ve made that used 2 inch strips or squares. Thanks for all you share with us.”

I love 2″ strips.  I use them a lot.  This is a “duh” answer but 2 1/2″ seems big to me and 1 1/2″ seems little.  2″ is right in between.

2″ units when sewn together make a great companion to 3 1/2″ units.  I don’t have a big listing of our patterns that are 2″ based.  I do know that Becky at Quilted Twins did a whole series of quilts that are 2″ based as she too loves 2″ strips to work with.  I checked and she has 74 free patterns that all use 2″ strips.  I’m sure if you all check that out there will be at least one or two that inspire you!!  HERE is the link.

Bonnie Hunter also regularly uses 2″ strips.

Patricia makes an awesome point though.  If you don’t sew with 2″ strips, I would suggest not cutting them.  Cut the strip sizes that YOU use.  If you love 2 1/2 strips, that’s what you should cut!

Sharon T asked for the link on how I cut up 100% cotton shirts for quilting.  HERE is the link that shows my how to.  This is likely my favorite shirt quilt that I’ve made so far.  Oh, I love playing with shirts!!


The next question came from Mercedes.  She asks:
Great post, as always. Where can I find the pattern for the black, orange and white quilt?

It is the October/November issue of 2018.

The magazine does not do this quilt justice.  It’s really a quilt you need to see close up to really appreciate.  You can read the whole story on it HERE.

I love the border and the change up of colors.

I showed this quilt.  Sally wanted to know where to find that pattern.


You can find it in the December/January issue of McCalls Quilting.


You can find an issue of that magazine HERE.

There is an error in the instructions.  Pieces should be cut at 2″ and finish at 1 1/2″.

Another comment…JustGail wrote:
I don’t have a lot of leftovers – yet. Something is telling me don’t wait too long before chopping them up so it’s not overwhelming task.”

That is the understatement of the world.  It does become and overwhelming task.  I’m so thankful that I just got caught up on my scrap cutting and organizing.  I made sure when I was tidying the sewing room to find a spot for a designated basket for the scraps to go.  When it gets full, I’m cutting up scraps!!  Anymore than having to do that much is entirely too much.

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  1. Love the shirt quilt, wondered if you could tell me what pattern you used. I too lost my husband early, he was 46 when he passed from pancreatic cancer. It has made me stronger, but I miss him every day,

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