Quilt Book Review: Lovely Little Hand Embroidery

C&T Publishing sent me some ebooks to review.  I really do love getting them.  Today’s book is Lovely Little Hand Embroidery by Shirley Hudson.  Paging through them all is a favorite of mine..especially this one.  I started doing embroidery when I was five or six years old and I’ve always enjoyed it so it’s no surprise that I liked this book.

Getting an embroidery book to review was such a treat.

I really like the book but I’m going to do my typical complaint.  C&T Publishing gives me terrible pictures for promoting the book.  Check out the picture below…can you even see the embroidered design in the middle of the wall hanging?  I sure can’t.

I understand that drawn embroidery is hard to show without the chances of someone stealing it by simply tracing the picture and stitching it but there has to be something that will still allow the potential buyers to preview what is in the book.

The projects in the book are really cute and follow a season/special occasions theme.  There’s something for each month, two projects for birthdays and a few extra.

My favorite projects were the “extras”.  Check out this super cute pincushion.  I love it.
This one is cute too.

There are directions to make them into pincushions, mug rugs or mini pillows.

I think the book is worth it just for the cute little designs for the pincushions.  There are 16 different designs for these.  All are for seasons or special occasions.  My favorites are these two.

If you’re someone who has friends that would enjoy a little quick gift, these are so perfect.  The “Pinkeep” I adore.  The “Courage” one would be great it you know anyone dealing with cancer or other hard life events.

I know I’m keep in this one for my library for those times when I might need a little something quick for a gift.  I think I could whip one up in a night if needed.  I like having something like that available.  Goodness knows I have the scraps…just need the time to embroider the little words.

You can find the book HERE on Amazon
HERE at C&T Publishing.

2 thoughts on “Quilt Book Review: Lovely Little Hand Embroidery”

  1. Judith Fairchild

    Once in awhile I like to embroider small things this book would do the trick and get my granddaughters into it they already
    Are getting the idea of hand sewing to make things. Thank you and CT publishing. I will check it out.

  2. Carolyn Rector

    Liked your review. Love the pictures. Seems like a fun way to do a little embroidery. Thank you, Jo.

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