Forever Missing Ruby

I got several cards from blog reader…sympathy cards on the loss of Ruby.  That was so special.  Even with a new pup in the house, I am missing Ruby something terrible.  Growing up we had outside puppies but I had never had an inside dog puppy until I had Ruby.  I think that made her all the more special to me.  We learned so much together.

This is the day we brought her home.
I remember her being a chewer.  When she was little, she sure loved toys…but when she got older, she didn’t play with them as much.

Here she is as a pup snoozing in my quilt.

She loved Kramer…and he was pretty smitten with her too.  He always laid on the floor like this and took what he called a “power nap”.  He’d lay on the floor, Ruby, even as a pup would snuggle up next to him.  He’d play with her a bit and then off to sleep.  Kramer only wanted to sleep for about 20 minutes.  Ruby had some type of internal clock as she would nudge him and want to play about 20 minutes after Kramer fell asleep.  It was so cute.  HE’d wake up, play with her and then off to work he’d go.  Seeing this picture makes me laugh…as he’s the one that didn’t want a house dog!!

Ruby’s last health scare was far from her first.  When see was about a year old she went to the vet’s.  She ended up needing a major surgery.  Intussusception was the problem then.  I fretted as she was so sick and the surgery was expensive and risky.  Kramer, again who thought it was crazy to spend money on dog, was all okay with it.  He told me we already knew she was a good dog and getting a new dog was worse than paying for a surgery.  That’s when I really knew Ruby had made a great impression on him too.

Ruby was the most gentle dog.  She was great with other dogs…here she is with Kalissa’s dog Betsy…. She was so tolerant.

She was an adventurer.  She could be outside without a cable when we lived at the farm.  Here she cut herself up pretty bad and needed stitches.

We all have so many memories with Rubers (yes, Karl called her that)…she also was called Ruberiffic, The Rubester, Ruby Roo, Ruber-Duber….she had lots of nicknames.

Here she got all upset and barked and barked at the hat Karl got for Christmas.   I think it was the fur on the hat that got to her.

She loved the childcare kids and was so gentle and good with them.

This will always and forever be one of my favorite pictures of her.  She often would lay like this and the kids would pretend she had puppies.

We had her spayed at four months old so she never had real puppies.  She had dozens of childcare beanie baby puppies.

She was excellent with quilts.  Seriously, I could get good pictures and it typically only took two photos.

This was my cheddar bow tie quilt.  Read about it HERE.

Even as a little puppy, she was good at sitting on quilts and having her picture taken.  This was Kayla’s wedding quilt.  Read more about it HERE.

Ruby had such a gentle sole.

Here’s some other things I’ll always remember about Ruby….
1-she hated car rides
2-she hated the vet
Vet3-she was a bit of a barker…not bad for a beagle but more than I liked
4-she was food driven, like more beagles
5-she loved sleeping in my bed
6-she loved walks
7-she always tried to lick the plates…we didn’t let her and she hated that
8-she hated fireworks
9-she hated guns
10-she loved the kids…she never nipped even when they pulled her ears
11-she “talked” to me- as a pup I talked to her and she “talked” back.  It was so cute.
12-she loved me…all of the time.  Unconditional love was her thing.
13-I was her favorite
14-she loved routine

Here we are “riding bike together”.


We all called her the “Regal Beagle” as she always walked so proper on her leash.  She was pretty proper about everything.

I will always miss Ruby.  I needed more than 7 years with her.  She was really the best dog.

You sweet dog, you gave me more in seven years, than many people give in a lifetime.  Rest in peace friend.  I hope you are chasing rabbits, sleeping in a big comfy bed, licking all the plates, getting long walks, barking at the garbage men and hanging with Kramer.  You deserve the best life beyond here.  You were a good and loyal friend.

…and with that, Rosie is whining in the kennel.  Even though life is going on, a part of heart will always stay right here with Ruby.

11 thoughts on “Forever Missing Ruby”

  1. Ruby was the most amazing dog. She grew with you and learned what you liked, what you allowed, and what you didn’t. Of course you miss her, especially on top of your other losses. Unconditional love is hard to come by.

    Rosie will learn eventually. There will be differences; they have different personalities. But she will love you unconditionally and thats the most important part.

  2. Your comments about Ruby so touched me. We lost our Beagle, Bugger, 1-1/2 years ago. My heart still aches for him. He had many of the qualities of Ruby: loving, always happy to meet new people, loved food, slept on the bed, curled up next to hubby when he watched TV, loved walks. I could go on and on. I love our little mini-Schnauzer, to, but there was something so special about Bugger. I hope your little Rosie will give you as many happy years as Ruby!

  3. Our dogs are so special to us and Ruby was definitely a keeper! Thank you for sharing the love you had for her.

  4. Jo – I loved the picture of Ruby with Kramer. My dad (a farmer) always took a nap in the summer. We had some outdoor blankets and he would spread one in the shade of a big elm tree, and some of us would take a nap with him. He had the same pose as Kramer – laying on his left side with his arm for a pillow.
    Brings back some good memories.

  5. I watched The Art of Racing in the Rain last night with book club. I had read the book, but life as portrayed from a dog’s perspective. Thank you for sharing and some of those pictures are some of my favorites from your blog, as well.

  6. Seeing the picture of Ruby with Kramer reminds me of my dad. My then boyfriend gave my parents a puppy . My parents worked different shifts and the puppy would sleep with my dad. One day I went over to my parents when my dad was sleeping and I checked in on him. There the puppy was, with it’s head next to my dad’s, on the pillow. That dog loved my dad. When dad opened the refrigerator door, the dog wouldn’t come, but if dad opened the freezer door, that dog was right there. It knew that my dad was getting ice cream, and if dad got ice cream, the dog got a bowl of ice cream. Thanks for sharing .

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