Community Quilts: A Ronda Edition

Ronda has been busy again.  I just love getting emails from her and seeing what you all have been sending her.

Ronday writes:
I have a couple of small quilts to share with you this morning.  The first top was made by Linda in Tucson, Arizona.”

The purple cat backing came from Sandra in Texas and the striped binding is from my stash.  I found a good sale a while back and loaded up on stripes.  When most of my quilts ~ and many that others send me ~ are scrappy, I like the look of a striped binding that picks up all the colors of the top.”

“The bright fabrics Linda used will be a big hit with a child!  This quilt finished up at 44″ square and was donated to the Ronald McDonald House”.

The second top was made by“…“my friend, Debbie, from New York.  She has been a big contributor of quilt tops to me.  And, not only to me, but she also donates to others who finish up her tops as well.

The backing was from some that you passed on to me, Jo, from someone who sent it to you.  The binding came from Nikki in Virginia“.

The border on this quilt has cute little frogs on it and the quilt finished up at about 40″ square, so was donated to the Mercy One Child Advocacy Center“.

Oh my…I love both of the quilts.  The designs on each are so cool.  The second quilt looks to me like it would be a great design for a barn quilt.

As I’ve been writing this post I’ve been trying to think who sent me that backing fabric.  I’m wondering if it might have been Connie.  I’m so happy to see that it is getting used up.

Thanks everyone who sent goodies to Ronda so she could finish these two quilts and pass them on.  As always, I am amazed on how things can come from all corners and land at Ronda’s where such beautiful quilts are finished.


6 thoughts on “Community Quilts: A Ronda Edition”

  1. I’m so glad that you show the charity quilts. They give me an idea of how to use my stash. The first one shown today is going on my to-do list. I have sent some tops to Ronda, but I also make tops for a group that is close to me. Both quilts are lovely. Thanks to all who had a hand in making these quilts.

  2. I love seeing how the charity quilts end up looking like. There’s so much you can do with scraps.
    Love and prayers

  3. Judith Fairchild

    Such great quilts the second block is basically “just squares but so placed to be absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

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