The Craig and Jo Show: The Dishwasher Edition

I had been having trouble with my dishwasher.  I couldn’t get it to drain all the time.  This was about 3 weeks ago.  I hit the cycle rest button, changed the setting and it seemed to be better.  I was happy.

But last week, this started happening.

The water wouldn’t drain.  UGH.  I was so frustrated.  I loaded the dishwasher again.  I changed the setting like this before.  Same thing.  At the end of cycle the water wouldn’t drain.  UGH.

I decided it was time for me to figure it, or time for a service man, or time for a new dishwasher.  None of it sounded good to me.

To the computer I went.  I wanted to fix it myself if possible.  If I couldn’t I thought I’d ask Craig.  He’s so busy but maybe on a rainy or snowy day he might be able to help.  I was the first option though so at the computer I googled, “Dishwasher won’t drain”.

Lots of Youtube videos came up.  I tried to find one that had the closest dishwasher to mine.  So I retyped, “GE Dishwasher won’t drain.”  I found a few but not the exact.

I watched and figured out first get the water out so I can see what I’m working with.  I tried the things they suggested….that didn’t work.  So I started bailing the water out.  I got that done and started taking the dishwasher apart.

I cleaned the filter..I cleaned out below.  Nothing worked.  Next I figured out the drain was clogged.  Ugh.  That means going under the sink.

Under my sink didn’t look like any of the videos.  They all had garbage disposals and I don’t have one.  Hmm.  Okay, what is the drain?  I am so embarrassed.  I know nothing.

By now I was more than frustrated and the second that happens, I cry.  Seriously, why does frustration more than any other emotion, make me cry.  So now I was on the phone to Buck.  I sent a picture.  What did he think was the drain for the dishwasher.  Me I thought the tube on the bottom right.  Buck said,  “Mom, your plumbing is different than anything I’ve seen.”   Of course, like I said to you all, I don’t have a garbage disposal.  We chatted, I crawled all the way under the sink and realized myself that it was the PVC pipe on the upper left.

I told him and got off the phone, went to get a plier and got Kramer’s.  I was crying all over again.

Oh my word.  Who knew a clogged dishwasher drain could be so emotional??

Well about then Kalissa called and asked if I could watch the boys.  Her car had been acting up and it was time for a new one.  It was snowing and Craig was getting off of work to go with her to get it.  They were hoping I would watch the boys.  I said yes, but could Craig give me 20 minutes or so when they got back to look at the dishwasher.

I had it all apart…I really didn’t think it would take much more time than that….and it didn’t.

He stuck a “snake” in the dishwasher drain and like that it was all better…see?

ah…so much better.

I told Craig to get home and I’d put the dishwasher back together.

Of course it ended up being a whole lot more cleaning as being the stuff was out from under the sink, I might as well clean it…the dishwasher got a good cleaning too.  I am terrible at the stuff and leave it too long.

Things like this dishwasher repair remind me how much I took Kramer for granted.  He would have fixed this while I was upstairs sewing.  I wish I would have taken a little more time and watched and learned.

I am ever thankful for Craig.  Even when he’s working long hours in the field, he’s still so good to me.

18 thoughts on “The Craig and Jo Show: The Dishwasher Edition”

  1. Susan the Farm Quilter

    House problems are always a pain. So glad Craig could help you. However, none of your pictures showed up on your blog…just a big red O with a – in the center.

  2. Good for you for tackling it on your own. I’d be afraid I’d mess it up more than when I started. Craig is a great backup. So glad it’s all better!

  3. Glad Craig was able to help you get it fixed. Like you, frustration makes me cry also. I can’t get the pictures to show up either. Different icon from what Susan is getting, though.

  4. I don’t see any pictures either. I’m on my second dishwasher since 2001 and on my 3rd refregerator and my second over the stove microwave. things just don’t last anymore

  5. My husband had 5 bypass surgery the first of October. I quickly realized how much me and my two grown daughters rely on him for so much. And it was really hard on my husband to sit there knowing he couldn’t help. I spend a lot of time thinking I do so much more than him around the house in a daily basis but when I need him I really need him ! Luckily he is back to being able to do all he has done before. And I am grateful.

  6. Good for you Jo for giving it a try! You did more than I would have done. I know you can find so much on YouTube and I forget about it. So nice that Craig could finish getting you unclogged . My hat is off to you both! Well done!!!

  7. I had a fairly new dishwasher a few years ago that wouldn’t drain so I called the repair guy. Come to find out the drain was plugged with the plastic from those pods that didn’t dissolve like they said. I guess you have to have your water heater set very hot to dissolve them and our is set just hot enough that you don’t have to remove your hands in the hottest water. So I’ve never used pods again.

  8. Jo, I fix almost everything with a website They have the parts, they have the videos how to troubleshoot, how to take it apart, how to install the parts, and then put it all back together. They are wonderful. I have fixed with their help, the dryer pulley, installed new gaskets on the drum, I fixed the over the stove microwave, actually I have installed 3 new microwaves over the stove, installed 2 disposals, replaces a heat element in an oven. As of today I have parts coming to fix the dryer. It’s the dryer thermal cut off and the thermal fuse. Parts will be here in the am.with the video,it should take no more than 30 minutes to fix the dryer good as new. The service people want over 250.00 just in labor, plus the parts. They double the cost of the parts. And they cost $33.65. You can do it, I promise!!

  9. No photos appeared in this post. It is so nice that Craig is close by and helpful. I cry when I’m frustrated or very angry, too. I’m tired of doing it all and making all the decisions (caring for mom long distance) and doing what repairs I can. Time for major things, like the 20+ year bathrooms being repaired and updated. Ugh. One more project when I’d rather sew, read, or travel!

  10. No matter where you live, even in an apartment (or an rv ;-) ), you have problems. And don’t worry – I can’t tell you the times something has broken or wouldn’t work, and the frustration hit me and I cried.
    What blessing Craig was able to help.

  11. I’m so glad you gave it a shot on your own and then asked for some help. You are on a new curve of learning, sorta like going to the movies on your own. I’m glad Craig could give you a hand and now you know more about your dishwasher than you really wanted to know. You go lady!

  12. In following your blog, I have come to realize how much I depend on my husband. I was just thinking of Roger — fixing things was his way of show his love for you. We both have been loved much. Right now my husband is in Indiana to pick up one of our granddaughters from Taylor University which is north of Indy. She is from California but will spend Thanksgiving with us here in Alabama. We haven’t had much time with her or her siblings, so I am super excited to have her with us this year. I pray you and your family have a blessed Thanksgiving, and aren’t you thankful your dishwasher is fixed and ready for the holiday dishes.

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