End of a Growing Season

It was that time…two weekends ago at about 4:30pm I came home from going to the movie and thought, it’s time to pull those flowers out.  It was a beautiful day and actually the perfect weather for some yard work….just cool enough that I’d get dirty but not all sweaty.

Then I debated and decided no…I’ll wait until Karl is home and he can help.  Then I thought no…I need do this stuff on my own.  Karl didn’t want and plant flowers.  Karl didn’t want and plant a garden.  So if I want these things, I have to handle these things.  So I did.

First I ripped out the flowers along the door in to the garage.  I still need to rake the leaves that have already pooled here…but the plants are out and that’s a good start.  I left the blooming pot of flowers.  They still look good but the ones along the front weren’t blooming anymore and looking sickly…the growing season is winding down here.

I am so glad we did the landscaping like this…There is paper and mulch to the back and soil to the front.

Here is how we did it…

There is an edging between the two.

I was so iffy on wondering if this would work but after one growing season I can say I’m happy with it.

Then I moved to the front of the house.  My planter boxes still had blooming flowers in the one on the left but the one on the right was ready to come out.  I ended up taking them all out.  I had looked at the long range weather and it seemed that this weekend might include a hard freeze.  I was ready to be done with watering and worrying about outdoor plants.

From there I went to the garden.  I pulled the remaining tomato plants…and pepper plants.  I put away all the cages and tiles I put around the plants.  It’s not perfect but it’s good enough that it could be “good enough” if need be.  The house is looking a little sparse around the outside but I’m okay with that.

I’m so glad we got so much landscaping done this year.  As I was writing this post I couldn’t help but go back and look at a couple pictures from the day we did it.

Kramer was still here…and he was trying to help…

Later we figured out that he got winded because he came out with his oxygen and put the hose in the door and the door clamped his hose-thus he wasn’t getting enough oxygen.  I love him but he was a terrible patient at times.

Once they were done, the boys all laid on the porch in Kramer style.  He always laid on the hard floor or in this case, cement like that.

This will always be a favorite picture of mine.

In the end I’m really glad I ripped this all out on my own.  It gave me a little time to reminisce and appreciate the time and work that went into the landscape and growing season.  Oh my it paid off.

I’m looking forward to the next growing season.  I do love growing flowers…and I think I only have one more place I want to put some landscape paper down….yep, as I was ripping, plans were made for next year too.  I can never keep the wheels in my head from turning.

9 thoughts on “End of a Growing Season”

  1. It is always nice to get fall clean up done. You are like me, I’m planning in my head all I want to plant next year too. I’m 77 years old and never tire of making gardens and growing flowers. I’m always digging up new ground for more. I love the feel of dirt in my hands.

  2. Loved the picture of the men lying on the concrete. I grew up on a tobacco farm and the men always would lie on the ground under a tree after dinner until the women got finished with the dishes, then it was back to work until supper time. At our house you did not have lunch and dinner, was always dinner and supper.

  3. So all set for next growing season!?! The picture of the guys at the end of this post definitely really finishes this post well!

  4. I was up here in Michigan doing the same sorts of tasks. I agree with you that it’s a huge weight off to finish these types of tasks. It sounds like it was a good contemplative time for you. Blessings…

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