Quilt Book Review: Zakka from the Heart

C&T Publishing sent me books to review again.  I picked this one right away.  I have a book by the same author that has become one of the books I keep at my nightstand and page through.  This one, I can see me paging through night after night too.  This book is Kakka from the Heart by Minki Kim.

I tell you this all the time…and it’s true again.  The people in charge of promotions are doing a crappy job at picking photos to promote the book.

Here are the photos they have available….

I’m guessing nothing was very enticing that made you want to buy the book…right??  With 16 projects in the book, they only showed three and the front cover??

There was nothing in those pictures that made me say this is a book that’s more interesting than one I have at home.  But it actually is a pretty cool book.  Stay with me while I show you come of the pictures I took from the ebook copy they sent me to review.

Cute bags…and photography. Interesting to look at.  Wait, that looks like a sewing machine in the back of the photo.  Hmm.  Wonder if that’s a prop?

Remember that cute roll bag in the original pictures?  Oh, now I can see what it really looks like.  CUTE!!

By looking at the pictures I can see that there are good illustrated instructions….That makes me feel confident about buying the book.

Here’s what they looks like finished.  SO CUTE.

Check out this bag….
At first it didn’t really entice me.  It was cute..but…
Wait!  Check this out.  They put fat quarters in the bag.  Oh..now I can visualize how big the bag is and it makes me think…if I was going to a class, wouldn’t this be the cutest bag to bring my project it….or I could gift this!  These extra pictures have my mind running with things I could do with this bag.

Oh my.  Check out this super cute bag.  Don’t you love that it stands?

…and this bag?  I love the ruffle.  I don’t often see ruffles on bags.  This is cute.  I love the scoop of the pocket too.  Oh so cute.  Once my granddaughters get a little older, this would be cute to make them.

..and remember this bag.  Cute but hmm…don’t know what I’d use it for….

but the book actually shows pictures of the inside.  I LOVE IT!!  I wonder if I could fit a cross stitch hoop and project in there.  Oh my.  Cuteness overload!!  They suggested it be a travel bag.  Well I can certainly imagine that too…once I see more pictures.  I think seeing more pictures is key.

Now remember that little teaser photo at the beginning with all the projects and I wondered it the sewing machine in the background was a prop?  IT ISN’T A PROP.  IT WAS A PROJECT!!!!  Check it out.

It’s so cute and the instructions make it look TOTALLY doable.  Ah…so cute I’m thinking about tackling it!!

Now…after seeing my pictures, isn’t the book so much more inviting?  Isn’t the book something that you’d actually consider buying??  Come on, be honest.  That sewing machine project, all by itself, could sell me this book.  Why didn’t the advertising team put that pictures in the ones available for me to use to review this book?  Silly mistake on their account for sure!

So…Can you tell I love the book?  I really do!

You can find it HERE on Amazon or HERE at C&T Publishing.

10 thoughts on “Quilt Book Review: Zakka from the Heart”

  1. My guess is that they don’t want to show too many details in their promotional photos, because they’re afraid people will just copy the projects without buying the book. But you’re right, their photos weren’t very interesting.

  2. Your wonderful review/presentation has encouraged me to purchase the book! There are a couple projects that I would like to make as Christmas gifts ~ the little purse with the ruffle & the bag storing the fat quarters. How unfortunate for the designer because It looks as if whomever designed the cover really doesn’t know what inspires quilters/crafters or perhaps doesn’t even quilt or craft! Then someone else or a group put together a most inspiring book with great pictures of all those beautifully designed & made projects.

  3. Judith Fairchild

    I wouldn’t have even picked the book up to look at it. Someone needs to talk to their advertising Dept. Or get a new one. Great pictures Jo my granddaughter saw the Peace’s sewing machine and asked if I would make it. Oh yes! The book would be worth it for just that. Thank you!

  4. I get so frustrated when they don’t picture the quilts or projects! Is it so hard to do a small picture of the quilt folded up or several projects in the same picture… give me an idea of what’s in the book! I would probably buy WAY more books that I don’t need that way…

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  6. oh my… i was doubting to get this book, i love Minki Kims patterns they make me all so happy! thanks for sharing your post, ordering this book right now!

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