Community Quilts from Ronda and Friends

Ronda has been busy…and me, I dropped the ball.  She sent these to me quilts a couple weeks ago and I forgot to post about them.  So often things happen like this.  An email comes in.  I read it over naptime.  Supper time comes.  I get back to the computer.  More email has come in and buried what was there….and I don’t take enough time to dig back and clean it all out.  I lose the email I actually needed.  AHH.  So moral of the story…if you email me and I don’t respond.  Email again.  I likely buried your email.  Trust me…I never mean for anyone’s email to “get lost”.  I’m just trying to juggle life and email and don’t do a very good job with it.

So…Ronda writes:

A couple more tops are quilted and bound.  This first beauty was sent to me from Rhonda S. in High Point, North Carolina.  She did all the hard work by making the center of this top and then sent along fabric for the borders, backing and binding.  The pattern is called “Three Layer Cake” and finished up at 68 X 78.”

As much as I believe all of the great tops that everyone sends to me for quilting would do well at a fundraiser, I have no fundraisers to donate to right now.”
The women who receive the quilts at the Council on Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence appreciate a beautiful quilt as well.  And the men at the Father’s With Children Shelter were grateful, too.  And, of course, the Ronald McDonald House is always happy to see me come in with an armload of quilts!” 

The second top was passed on to me from you, Jo, and originally came from …LaNan E. in Primghar, Iowa.

This sweet little quilt finishes up at 47″ square and will go to the Ronald McDonald House.”

I remember seeing this one in person.  It had some great color to it.  How great to see it finished!!

These were both fun quilts.  I’m always so happy to see the quilts finished and homes found for them.  One more person is more person knows they are thought of and cared for.  What more can there be?

Thanks Ronda and friends….your time, talent, and generosity is so appreciated!!

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  1. Thanks to you Jo and to all of the ladies who made the quilts and to those who quilt and bind them there are lots of happy people out there feeling the love that you all provide!

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