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I had a big day of visitors on Wednesday.  First blog reader Jean from Manchester came my way.  She has been so kind to me in the past and I so appreciate it.  I had met her when she was working at the quilt shop in Manchester.  It was just a quick meeting.  Later she contacted me and I’ll admit, I couldn’t put a name with a face.  Well now I can!  But…you can’t.  I forgot to take a picture.  That’s what happens when people visit in the middle of childcare days.

The kids were so excited to have watermelon for snack. They all adore watermelon and they ate half of the watermelon Jean brought.

It was just a quick stop.  She was coming my way to stop some quilts off at my friend Carla’s house.  If you remember Carla does longarm quilting and is the talents behind some of our published quilts.  You can find her here at Longarm Quilting Inspirations.  Kelli and I both highly recommend her if you’re looking for a longarmer.

Later, just as we were sitting down for lunch, Connie pulled in.  She warned me that is was only to be a quick visit.  Shucks.  I love long visits and we are WAY overdue for one.  I’m hoping we can do a long sewing weekend sometime this fall.

I did tell Connie that she had to bring the quilts she had just finished though as I want to see them.  Can you believe she did THREE of the last Bonnie Hunter Mystery quilts??  Yes, THREE versions of Good Fortune!  She has three grandkiddos and wanted to make one for each…

So this is Abby’s.  This one followed the original directions.  The pattern is available digitally HERE.

This is Will’s.  Here she didn’t string piece the pieces in the green blocks.  She also turned the border triangles every which way.

This is still the same quilt pattern…this one is for Alex.

This one is not Connie’s favorite.  She says it’s too busy.  Personally…I like it.  This one doesn’t have the pieced outer border.  The striped fabric in the yellow blocks is the same as the border fabric.  Again the triangle border has triangles going every which way.  I think it’s so fun!!

Personally..I like it.  I agree it is busy but in a good way.  Being the outer border and those blocks have the same print, I think it calms it all down.

Connie was lucky and hit a sale at Quilting Treasures and got backings for cheap…like $2.75 a yard.  WOW.  Lucky girl.

Connie was happy to have them done but I think she’s on a NEVER AGAIN will I make three of the same quilts in that short of time.    I’m pretty sure she’ll be making only one mystery quilt this year!!

Of course Connie came bearing gifts.  I always tell her she doesn’t need to bring me a thing…but she always does.

Games for the childcare kiddos….Vintage magazines for Kayla…fabric for me and at the last minute she gave me a sewing machine.

First the fabric….The dinosaur fabric is perfect for pillowcases…an awesome scrap bag I’d love to have time to dig into!!  I did a little bit and it made me only want to dig further into the bag!

There were red calicos.  Connie and I have an ongoing teasing…me liking red…her NOT!!

Here’s the little dandy…it’s a Singer 99.  I have one upstairs that is a cabinet version.  I love her.  I wish she had a nicer cabinet as there is not one single drawer in the cabinet.  This one Connie has rigged up to be used as a hand crank.

Oh my how fun.  I’ve always wanted to test out a hand crank.  It’s not an original hand crank but I don’t mind a bit.  The childcare kiddos are fascinated by it.  One of the little gals that comes that I made a quilt for thinks it’s really cool.  She wants to try it out but is really nervous because she said, “It will be so hard.  Both of your hands have to be busy.”  She’s a smart on for only being in 2nd grade.

Connie also brought me an ice coffee from McDonalds.  I was supposed to take a picture of it and add it to this post but shortly after Connie left, I had two kiddos start throwing up.  YEP.  We got a flu bug. UGH.

Here’s a funny for you before I let you go.
Connie lives up near Red Wing/Wabasha area of Minnesota.  Connie said she went to her guild meeting and Becky the president came up to her and said, “I’ve been wanting to talk to you for a few months.”  Connie was nervous.  She recently joined the guild and didn’t know if she had done something wrong.  Then Becky said, “You’re the Connie Carpenter on Jo’s blog aren’t you!”  Bahahaha.  Connie was recognized.

How fun….It was fun to see Jean and Connie.  It sure did put some good in my otherwise crazy childcare day.  I just hope neither of them was here long enough to get germed up!!  Thanks so much for the visits gals….and Becky from Connie’s quilt guild…Here’s your big shout out!!  HELLO TO YOU.  I’ll have to meet you someday too.

7 thoughts on “Wednesday Vistors”

  1. Oh my 3 mystery quilts in one year! I like them all and the last one has some great fabric choices. I’m sorry the flu bug is going around.

  2. Connie’s quilts are beautiful and I love that fabric is the third quilt that’s the border and in some of the blocks. And that hand crank sewing machine is pretty neat but I’m with the 2nd grade youngen’ – too busy for my hands!
    Hope the flu bug isn’t passed around!
    Love and prayers

  3. Thank you for all the compliments on the quilts! The party is over and the quilts were loved. I hope that I remember come graduation to make three DIFFERENT quilts! That was a LOT of Good Fortune !

  4. Judith Fairchild

    I liked the yellow and stripy quilt the best. It wasn’t as busy as the other blocks. Three quilts the same pattern I’d have gone nuts halfway through the 2nd quilt Connie you are a wonderful quilter and grandma. Thanks for sharing Jo it was fun both blogs. The chow mein sounds really good. I’m putting it on my list of meals as soon as I get off here thanks again for sharing.

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