Charity Quilts from Ronda and Friends

First off let me say I am behind on my email.  It’s the thing that has kind of dropped in the hustle of things.  I’m hoping to get a little time over the weekend to at least make an attempt.  Be patient with me…I’ll get to it.  BUT don’t be afraid to send anything to me a second time.

Ronda has been busy again….

She writes:  “The first one was a top that was sent to me from Jean D. in Seguin TX. ”

I used one of the black sheets that you(Jo) had sent me for the back of this one and it worked out fine.  My initial intention was to use the excess that got trimmed off after quilting for the binding, but when I was looking for backing for another quilt, I ran across this peachy/rusty fabric that matched the violins in Jean’s top perfectly.”

Since the top has a lot of black and the backing is solid black, I decided to give it a little more color with the binding.  It is a large lap size and will go to the Father’s with Children Shelter.”

On a side note…I had sent the sheets to Ronda and she wasn’t sure she’d like working with solid black.  Looks like it turned out great!!  Great color choices Ronda!

The second quilt….
Karen V. in Utah sent the completed top, backing, and binding for the yellow/teal baby quilt.”

  “The prints are not gender specific and the backing has little bikes with words ~ “pop a wheelie”, “high gear”, “here we go”, etc. all over it.  So cute!  This will be perfect for the Ronald McDonald House.”

Ronda and I both would like to thank Karen and Jean for sending the goodies.

I like both of the quilts and I’m sure that these will find their way to someone who needs a little spark of kindness in their lives.

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  1. Email is a good thing to let go. It’s not just the lack of time but lack of any extra mental energy—it is all rightfully focused elsewhere. You know we’re here for you and your family Jo, sending love and prayers.

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