Charity Quilts: Pierce City Library Quilters

Through my charity quilting adventures I learned about a quilting group in Pierce City, MO that calls themselves the Pierce City Library Quilters.  My contact for the group is Caro.  She’s been wonderful to work with.

Some of the things that you all have sent my way have been passed on to Caro and her group.  Check out some of their quilts….

I asked Caro to tell us a little more about her group of quilters.  Caro writes:
Our group is very small – started at about 8 regulars, up to 21 on our email list, now down to 4 regular.  Last year we made over 150 small quilts ranging in size from about 45″square to single-bed size for our local Children’s Advocacy Center.

I joined the existing group about 6 years ago, when we were just having lessons and doing show-and-tells.  Then our local National Guard reserve unit was sent to Afghanistan – the 276th Engineering Company.  We wanted to make quilts of valor for them. There were seven Pierce City guards, so we thought we could do that. 

But then one of our ladies said, “we can’t give to some and not to all of them, so, we began.  Kevin the Quilter was doing his block drive for QOV, and he sent some to the quilt guild in Springfield (about 60 miles from us), and mentioned them in his blog.  I got together with them.  I also got fabric and block donations from wonderful quilters in 4 different states. 

I made some sample blocks, and sent them with a poster to our 10 library branches, and we received blocks from many in our area. We sewed them together, tied them, and piled them up.  Because Quilts of Valor officially must be quilted, not tied, we couldn’t use that title.

A nearby quilt store, P’Dub’s Quilt Stuff in Exeter MO, had another group of ladies sewing QOV.  In Dec 2015, our three combined groups presented over 144 quilts in pillowcases to our guards at a pre-Christmas get-together at the armory. Our small group alone made over 54 of them.

WOW.  Aren’t you impressed?  I sure am.

If anyone is in the Pierce City, MO area and have donations that Caro and her group could use, please leave a comment and I’ll pass along Caro’s information.  Aren’t you impressed and inspired by all the work this small group does??  I sure am.

Oh my…I love hearing these heartwarming stories.

If you have a charity quilt group, I’d love to feature you here.  Send your information to  Make sure to write a little something up and send a few pictures.

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  1. What a marvelous group of generous ladies and love seeing the pictures. I hope all those soldiers made it home safely.

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