Charity Teamwork: Ronda and Debbie

It’s charity quilt day again…my favorite.

Ronda writes:

 “I have two more charity quilt finishes to share with you.  Then, that will probably be it for a couple of weeks as the grandkids will be out of school … and will be spending time with me.”

Yahoo!!  It’s good to know that Ronda takes a break…right??  I love dedicated people but I always worry about burn out.  I think there are VERY few people who won’t break for grandkids though.

“Both of these tops are from Debbie S. in New York.  They are small and sweet and have already been delivered to the Ronald McDonald House.

What a perfect backing!!

Here’s quilt number two.

I love the print of the white fabric in this one!!
“The woman there at the house who accepts the quilts from me said that they will be perfect to be put into the diaper bags for the newborns.”

I will always be amazed with all the work the Ronda does and also amazed with the fabulous donations you all are sending Ronda’s way.  Thank you-thank you.


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  1. Those are cute quilts. I’m trying to finish up a bed size quilt to send to Ronda now. I started sending tops to Ronda after you had shoulder problems. If it wasn’t for you Jo, letting us know where to send our projects, I would have all these tops sitting around. Thanks to you JO and to Ronda for all the work you do.

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