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I hit up the thrift store….There wasn’t a lot of fabric there but what was there I was pretty sure I could use.  Kalissa was with me.  We were both looking for things for the antique booth.  Neither of us had much luck so I ventured over where the crafts are.

I picked out these things.
I was thrilled….the fireman fabric on the left is flannel.  There’s 1/3 of a yard.  I was thinking about making some burp cloths for Kalissa’s new baby with that.

The purple looked perfect for a charity quilt backing.  I wasn’t sure how much was there.  It felt like at least three yards and that would do a baby quilt for sure.  I got it home and there were FOUR yards for $1.50!!  The piece on the left was 3 yards for $2.  Both great deals.

From there I drifted off to the toy section.  Kalissa came and found me.  She had this in her hand…  It was a fabric. I had seen it when I was looking but wasn’t sure about it.  I would want to cut it apart.  

When had looked closer at it, I could see there wasn’t enough room to cut the blocks apart and then sew them back together.  There’s not a 1/4″ seam allowance once the pieces would be cut apart.  I explained that to Kalissa.  Although she’s not a quilter, she does understand that much.
Then she looked at me funny.  It was that “really?!?!” Mom look.

Then it hit me.  I could be a funky backing.  Yep.  That would work.  Then I looked at the price and realize that there was enough that I could likely make it work.  I’d waste some.  Oh well…yes, I’d get it.  At home I measured.  There’s three yards.  I guess that 3 is “+/- 2 yards”!  At home I looked at it more carefully.  Check out the picture for “N”.  Who else remembers when horses were referred to as “nags”.  I sure remember my dad saying that.

The use of the word “Nag” definitely dates the fabric!!  Oh funny.

At home I got thinking someone I need to use this fabric in the baby quilt for Kalissa’s baby.  Hmmm.  Do any of you have ideas?

That’s the stash report for the week!!  I just never know what will show up when I’m thrifting.

7 thoughts on “Stash Report”

  1. If you wanted to cut the squares apart, you could always appliqué them to a larger piece of fabric. this would give you plenty of options for design. Your fabric finds are a great bargain. D. Weeks (aka Momma Llama)

  2. Carol Lorraine Stearns

    Jo, why make things difficult? Why not use this fabric for the front of the quilt and quilt around the squares? Add borders and that is it! She would love it! You could even duplicate some of the animals in the borders surrounding. You could also cut out the squares and applique them on, no need for 1/4″ seam in that way. You can do it!

  3. I agree with Carol – quilt on those lines. My Auntie Jo called them “cheater” quilts. She didn’t like quilting as much as others & found fabric with quilt designs. Then she would hand quilt them.

  4. Cut rows and columns for a final border for her baby quilt so that you can fully see each block. Use the remains for the backing with a border wide enough to make it the right size. You’ll have some waste but it will be fun!

  5. Make the other side in squares the same size as the alphabet letters. (Trip around the world? Nine patch? Dear Irene?) Do straight line quilting with the lines running along the alphabet block borders and through the center of the squares on the other side. That way either side could be the front!

  6. Barbara Firesheets

    I agree with Elle. Add your 1/4 inch seam allowance and use the fabric to cut borders for the front side of a baby quilt. Great fabric!

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