Double Wedding Ring Quilt Along

It’s that day again…the Double Wedding Ring Quilt Along Day.  We did add the new tab at the top of the page for the directions so they are all in one place.  I need to update it and will do that tomorrow at nap time.  It’s 9:30pm as I write this and have gotten my first “evil eye” of the evening from Hubby.  He’s my time keeper.   If it wasn’t for him telling me it’s bedtime, I’d take on my Dad’s bad habit of not going to bed until midnight.  I love the peace and quiet of night.  So he gives me the “evil eye” from about 9pm on in hopes that I’ll be in bed by 10:30pm.  He does it because he loves me and wants me to sleep not because he’s trying to control me.  After 32 years of marriage…he’s knows controlling me is a worthless cause.

Anyway…back the Double Wedding Ring quilt.  By now, we are to the part in the directions that we are going to start putting rows together.  We are going to go the easy route and start with the second row.

(Excuse my sewing room floor which is the back ground for this picture.  It needs cleaning.) We’re going to be taking two centers with only two melons attached to them and connect them.  I lay mine out like this so I get an idea of where things will connect.

Then I take the two squares to the right and sew them together much like we did in previous instructions.  For me, I’m connecting the green square of the bottom unit to the black striped square of the upper unit.

Pin them together, folding back the seam allowance like we have in the past.

Sew from the pin to the edge.  The print of the fabric makes it look like I already sewed them together but I didn’t.

The two pieces should be connected as shown in the photo below.

Now find the middle of the top piece.  Put a pin in place.

Then I pin the piece down to the far left.  This will go on the square (mine is blue) overlapping a 1/4″.  If you’re having trouble knowing where the edge will go, count over six wedges from where we connected the units together in the previous step.  Remember there are 6 wedges between the squares.

Pin the middle, then pin the curve in the same manner we have previously done.

Next, sew from the where the pin was on the blue square to the squares that we had previously sewn together in today’s first step.

Again, I sew slow and sew over the pins.  Your stitching line should look like this.

Pull the pins and flip it over to see how you’re done.  There you have it…  The two pieces are sewn together.

Now your task is to repeat that making rows.

I’ll be back next week and show you how to do the first row with the three rings.  It’s really just the same but I’m sure someone will want more complete directions.

Catch me here next week. I’m hoping to have a couple rows sewn together.

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